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Psychology Lab Basic Reaction Tests contains auditory and visual simple reaction test and auditory and visual choice reaction test. In the tests you quickly press Space bar when you hear a tone signal or see a square on the screen. Since reaction time are measured in milliseconds it is recommended that you close other apps and use your system's internal audio system to minimize disturbances. In choice reaction versions, it is important to try not to press space bar at the wrong target, that will count as a false hit. Here you must try to make the correct decision as fast as possible (and not be too impulsive). If you hit space bar too soon (that is, before the target appears) or too late it will count as an error. Save results to text files, easy to copy to Excel worksheet or similar to create graphs or use in research. Save up to five separate players to follow individual progress. You can also save to High score table. The tests are developed with neuropsychological expertise.

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