Introducing the Mixed Reality Partner Program

Program overview

The Mixed Reality Partner Program is an integrated program focused on enabling and supporting digital agencies, systems integrators, and solution providers who are committed to building mixed reality solutions for their clients.

Leaders, innovators, and
achievers wanted
Solutions integrators
Your company is a systems integrator or solution provider that already uses Microsoft technology to build and deploy custom solutions for your commercial customers.
Digital agencies
Your agency builds dynamic creative and digital solutions and has experience designing 3D, augmented reality, or mixed reality experiences for customers.

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Help your customers transform their businesses

Prepare your teams for mixed reality

Learn how to develop mixed reality solutions with training from our engineers. Design go-to-market plans with our field sellers. Upon acceptance to the program, we will help you build up your mixed reality practice for commercial customers and expand your business opportunities.

 Two people collaborate in mixed reality using Microsoft HoloLens

Readiness training

Learn how to envision, design, and develop your mixed reality solution, and market your new offerings.

Technical assistance

For opportunities that qualify, you’ll get guidance, assistance, and development support directly from our expert engineers.

Sales and marketing enablement

Get guidance on how to market and sell mixed reality solutions, and help with case studies, PR, and account-based marketing.

Joint business planning

Business planning sessions will help you identify target accounts and build a roadmap to your proof of concept and pilot.

Program phases

Application Onboarding Readiness training Customer engagement

Apply to the program

In this phase, learn about the program, the minimum requirements, and the commitments required of partners.

Partner actions in this phase:

  • Submit your application online
  • If selected as a candidate, participate in an interview/conference call with key Microsoft stakeholders

Apply to the Mixed Reality Partner Program

Commercial customers in a growing number of industries are exploring mixed reality solutions to improve their productivity, communications, and customer engagement strategies. As a member of the Mixed Reality Partner Program, you will be equipped to design, build, and deploy the mixed reality experiences they need.



At Inspire 2017, we launched the Mixed Reality Partner Program. This is an extension of our Agency Readiness Program that will now be open to systems integrators (aka solution providers). It is a performance-based program that offers partners incentives as they complete each phase of the program, with the goal to help them successfully drive POCs and deployments. This new program expands the ecosystem of partners with the skills needed to build world-class mixed reality solutions.

The top three are:

  • The most successful customer engagements involve a digital agency and a highly skilled solution provider or systems integrator. In hindsight, this seems obvious. Agencies tend to have strong creative design expertise and experience with 3D content and rendering engines, while SIs have the strong deployment expertise, including the ability to integrate solutions with backend IT infrastructure like security and MDM. When you bring these skills sets together in a highly planned and collaborative way, you can help customers more easily transition from POC and pilot to deployment.
  • Even highly skilled agencies, SIs, and solution providers benefit from working directly with our mixed reality engineering team. It’s not always necessary, but we wanted to make this option available to partners since they have expressed the value of working directly with the product designers and creators. So, an allocation of engineering support hours (20) are provided as an incentive to partners to assist with POCs, pilots, and deployments. Partners may also purchase additional hours, if wanted, from the same expert engineering team.
  • Mixed reality is here and it is part of intelligent solutions today. In working with partners and customers, it’s become clear that mixed reality use cases span almost every industry. Once seen as a futuristic technology, mixed reality is now a technology with a business case, and it is being adopted by market leading firms worldwide. In fact, mixed reality is transforming industries, and helping enterprise customers improve business productivity, communications, and customer engagement.

For three main reasons:

  • The new program is now open to SIs and solution providers (not only agencies) that can drive enterprise integration and deployment.
  • We’re going beyond technical readiness and providing more depth in terms of program offerings. While technical readiness will remain the cornerstone of the program, partners will also get sales and marketing readiness, go-to-market support, and engineering assistance, along with a slew of other benefits.
  • Our focus is on mixed reality solutions (as opposed to HoloLens) that include HMDs by our hardware partners. In other words, the new program is focused on building partner competencies around Windows Mixed Reality as a platform, not around a single device.

Solution integrators have deep familiarity with the Microsoft technology landscape, have strong relationships with commercial customers and are experienced at building and deploying custom solutions that align with the business and IT goals of their customers.

No, the Mixed Reality Partner Program is an integrated business program, which includes technical readiness, sales and marketing readiness, go-to-market support, and engineering assistance. While partners in the program participate in business planning, get connected with local Microsoft sellers and marketers, partners are expected to drive their own sales and marketing initiatives, demand generation, and account sales strategies.

There are a limited number of partners that we will accept into the program in 2018. Not all qualified entries will be accepted. In 2018, we anticipate accepting fewer than 500 partners globally.

Partners will be notified whether they are accepted or rejected usually within 30-60 days.

Find detailed information about the program on Windows Dev Center. Prospective partners can email with specific questions.