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Add support for BT and MagnetLink downloding capabilities .Add Support for Video Edit. The app is a stand-alone version with no capabilities of collecting your privacy for advertising. UWP architecture, secure, without any residual files after uninstalled. The software has a one-month trial period. 1. Video files on PC can be viewed on mobile phones, tablet , XBOX 2. Add Simple Mode--Automatically Refresh Folders,Automatically Pairing,Automatically Labeling 3. With a lot of video files on my computer. I don't know which video file is in which folder and what is in which video when I want to see it. I can only guess by name, or open the video file and click the progress bar to check. Jumping between the folders is very troublesome, inconvenient, and experience is extremely poor. 4. I need a simple solution somewhat like iPhone, like click the poster, check the details, and begin to playback from right the time I preferred, three simple clicks, that's all it needs. No more folders 5. Here it is, this AV Collector. Each item in this program needs a poster and a video file. After paired and labeled, it looks very handy and extremely simple. It's somewhat like the difference between bicycle and automatic gear car. 6. The playback page supports voice control. So you can free your hands 7. This is not entirely commercial ad, dude, just have a try. 8.Voice Commands Volume Down,Volume Up, Accelerate,Decelerate,Backward,Forward,Skip Forward,Skip Backward Full Screen,Exit FullScreen Next Track,Next Video,Next Time Span,Previous Track,Previous Video,Previous Time Span Play,Continue,Pause,Start,Stop,Hello,Hi Important note: 0. App on XBOX platform can only receive shared data from PC and tablet. iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet can only play videos file through web page. Windows tablet can use app or web page to play video. When sharing data, you need to open the shared service on the classified pages 1, Before uninstalling App, you must go to the settings page and click Delete All App Data.

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Accéder à tous vos fichiers, appareils périphériques, applications, programmes et Registre
Utiliser un microphone
Communiquer avec des périphériques Bluetooth déjà jumelés
Accéder à votre réseau domestique ou votre réseau de travail
Accéder à votre connexion Internet et agir comme serveur
Accéder à votre connexion Internet
Utiliser votre bibliothèque de vidéos
Utiliser votre bibliothèque de musique
Utiliser les données stockées sur un périphérique de stockage externe
Accéder au nom d'utilisateur et à l'avatar de votre Compte


Obtenez cette application tandis que vous êtes connecté à votre compte Microsoft et installez-la sur dix appareils Windows 10 ou moins.

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English (United States)
日本語 (日本)

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