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An very basic app that shows a heart beating with animation and sound at the pace of your current pulse. It will also show your skin temperature. You can select if the temperature should be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit, mute/unmute the beep, and turn on/off the heart-animation. NOTE The BPM and skin temperature is fetched from the sensors on your Microsoft Band, so this app REQUIRE an MICROSOFT BAND or MICROSOFT BAND 2 to work! The app might not be very useful, other than maybe to prove to people that you actually have an heart/pulse :) WHY IS IT FREE, IS THERE SOME HIDDEN AGENDA HERE? Yes, there is an hidden agenda...but not an evil agenda though! I just wanted to learn to code against the Microsoft Band, and this was the result of that learning-process.

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Gydar Industries

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Gydar Industries

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