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The Classic Bingo game that everyone loves is now here on the Windows Store, and the best part is that its FREE! Huge Jackpots are awaiting you! Download Bingo for FREE today! This is essentially the Bingo game that you were looking for. Simple and Easy to play, even for kids. Each game will grant you rewards to unlock levels and bonuses. In Bingo you can play with players across the world. Bingo, featuring multiplayer online support will keep you hooked on for hours to come. Compete with your friends to see who will get most Bingo. Bored playing Bingo with the same backgrounds and graphics, select from the various themes that we have to offer to let you play along without getting bored. The players get free tickets (cards) every thirty minutes. Earn experience points (XP) to level up, and unlock exciting themes to play. Bingo is also popularly called as Tambola in various places across the Bingo World. Stuck in the Metro? Fret not, download Bingo and play to pass time. Features: 1. 4 Different Themes to play Bingo 2. Full Multiplayer Support for online Bingo fun 3. Jackpot! Spinning the wheel of fortune for bonus 4. More Bingo more fun

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