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Read & Write to any desktop side database Wirelessly with your Windows Phone 8 device using Internet(3G/4G/Wi-Fi). Changes on device and any modifications in desktop database can synchronize wirelessly and instantly, so you will always have the most current information at your fingertips. Download and install Desktop component on your Windows based PC from the following link: http://www.cellica.com/download/CellicaDatabaseAnyWhere.exe Features: • No changes require in existing database design for syncing directly with database, which helps it be the easiest, most user-friendly solution available. • View and update data on device, which will reflect to Server database immediately while in network. • Supports offline access to data and Changes will be synchronized later once network is available. • Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedure of your database. • Only the changed data is synchronized in compressed and encrypted format, resulting in reduced wireless data traffic and improves battery life of the devices. • “Change Detection Logic” searches only updated data in desktop database and send it to device. Also Sync Server receives and synchronizes records collected/ updated on device to desktop database. • Supported Databases: Microsoft Access(*.mdb,*.accdb)(97 and onwards),Microsoft Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx)(97 & onwards), Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase, R:BASE,Sybase, FileMaker Pro, Firebird & any ODBC Compliant Relational Database. • Supports Form: Design Custom user interface using simple and easy to use form builder interface. • Design form on desktop with Label, TextBox, Button, Checkbox, Radio button,Combobox, DateTime, Page, Container, Location and Shape controls. • Synchronize Image/Signature/PDF data with desktop database. Software has 10 days evaluation period. User Guide: http://www.cellica.com/WP8CellicaDatabaseAnywhereUserGuide.pdf Demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EnhSRU7rjs

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