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# AVAILABILITY : EN - IT - DE - FR - ES Explore the official voice commands of Cortana and measure yourself with other users by publishing your own finds of voice commands available! Need directions to go home.. or just want to hear a joke? Browse the best Commands of Cortana! With Command your Cortana you can take advantage of the great potential offered by Microsoft's vocal assistant. Do you want to know the voice command to quickly text someone or take a quick note? Just go in the appropriate sections, and quickly scroll the list of what you can say to Cortana and be certain your command is accepted on the first try. Navigate in the Community section to explore all voice commands discovered by users all around the world! You can vote the voice commands you most liked, and downvote those who are not needed or don't work. Our app has all the voice commands you need. We have commands in multiple languages always one touch away, wherever you are. The voice commands are available on all versions of Cortana, both for phones and computers. Hopefully by upvoting and sharing commands that aren't working, we prompt Microsoft (who occasionally comes and takes a peek :) ) to fix controls that aren't working. ##################### This app only allows you to have the lists of commands (expandable by the community of users) that can be used with Microsoft Cortana, does not incorporate any type of voice or virtual assistant inside itself and is a stand-alone app (not interfaced in any way with the Microsoft software). The user, once read a command, has to manually start Cortana and try it one. There is also no guarantee that is accepted by Cortana every command shown. ##################### The application is provided 'as is', and is distributed to users for free. All rights of images, brands/logos, acronyms and phrases mentioned in this app belong to its owners. Microsoft and Cortana are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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Copyright © Spaceclick - Cortana's trademark belongs to Microsoft Corporation.

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