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*** Book in the trial version can be registered up to 4 books. *** simple and sufficient ePub reader. Key features: - support DRM free ePub format and text file. - auto-launching ePub Reader when you download .epub file through Intenet Explore. - support two paging styles -- (auto) scroll and page-by-page - support SkyDrive and SD Card. - enable to manage your favorite e-book site. - bookmarks. - portrait and landscape orientation (contents page only). - pin e-book to start (tap and hold the book title) - enable to save picture data in the book to Picture Hub (tap and hold the picture) - extract content from web page and create book (beta version). Once created, you can read it without v1.8.4 - bug fix v1.8.3 - bug fix - final version v1.8.1 - bug fix v1.8.0 - prevent screen lock function (see Settings - Others) - increased the choice of font size and line interval (see Settings - Font & Color) v1.7.0 - bug fix v1.6.2 - Fixed a bug that fails to parse a document epub v2.0 format v1.6.1 - minor bug fix v1.6.0 - support to import ePub from SD Card (see "Source - SD Card").

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