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The ultimate HVAC reference for all HVAC professionals and engineers. This app includes 100s of equations and tables for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and noise. A summary of the contents (more is included in the app). - Air Conditioning tables and equations for: Air Conditioners Ammonia - NH3 - Properties Cooling Loads Chilled-Water System Cooling and Heating Equations Freon Properties Fruits and Vegetables Optimal Storage Conditions Heat Gain Lights Air Humidity Rectangular and Circular HVAC Ducts Refrigerant R22 - Properties Refrigerants - Environmental Properties Sensible Heat Ratio Thermodynamic Properties of Refrigerant - R22 Water Evaporator and Condenser Equations - Heating tables and equations for: Air Heating Systems Building Elements Expansion Tanks Chimneys and Fireplace Sizing Classifications of Coal, Gas Oil, Boilers and Hot Water Heating Systems Dowtherm A Fittings Flow Rates in Heating Systems Flow Temperatures in Hot-Water Heating Systems Food and Foodstuff Greenhouse Temperatures Heat Carrying Capacity of Copper Tube Heat Emission Heat Loss Heat Sources Hot Water Heating Systems Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients Safety Valves Sizing Swimming Pool Heaters Snow Melting Systems Static Pressures in HVAC Systems Thermal Expansion Units of Heat - BTU, Calorie and Joule - Ventilation tables and equations for: Air Fans Filters Friction Loss Heat Recovery Heaters and Coolers Hydraulic Diameter Major and Minor Losses STP and NTP Scrubber Basics Duct Sizing Efficiency - Noise/Sound tables and equations for: Decibels Blade Dampers and Pass Frequency Silencers Decibel A, B and C Directivity Coefficient and Sound Attenuation Ducts Fans and Noise Power Generation Noise Attenuation and Rating Curves Outdoor Ambient Sound Levels Propagation of Sound Indoors Propagation of Sound Outdoors Rotary Heat Exchanger - Noise Attenuation + much more

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