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The jMajorsIV application provides golf score data management for 9 or 18 hole competition golf in a format similar to a competitive PGA tournament. The tournaments in the application are aptly named for the four major PGA events: The Masters, The US Open, The PGA, and The British Open. Each major tourney consists of four rounds. Scoring is based on net score using a progressive handicap index calculation that follows USGA methodology. After each round a new handicap index is determined for the players next round. The handicap calculated is course specific. and after the first round, does not rely on the handicap index calculated by the USGA. Player standings at the end of each major tournament are awarded Cup Points which can be used to award a Cup Champion or as a basis for participation in a Cup Championship supported by the application. Competition can include at little as two players, personal groups, as well as organized leagues. Scoring can be entered at any time allowing play to conform to available play times and dates. Leader boards will show the latest round scored and the net score for that round while players not yet completing rounds will show dash marks for a current score. Over or under par total net scores for each player round completed will determine standings for the tourney. At 100% handicap competition format, dotting will be limited to 36 (two dots per hole). Users are required to select a Group name that will serve as the directory in which data is stored. Each time the application is opened, the user must select a directory or create a new directroy. After creating a Group name, the user is presented with a setup page to allow course data settings to be entered. Type of players competing(seniors, women, mixed, men's), course tee slope and ratings, tee par per hole, tee hole handicap per hole, along with the course name and code word can be entered. The code word selected allows application management to bypass player verification when entering scoring or player information. The setup page statuses initial player entry but does not require all players to be entered; players can join as the competition ensues throughout the event. Play format (9 or 18 hole) is also selected for the competition and a selection for the handicap percentage (50, 60, 70 ,80, 90 or 100) to be used for net scoring. Scoring can be entered by the individual player or by a designee, and consists of the gross score for each hole. Equitable score control is used based on the players handicap index to adjust gross score entries for net score determination. As each hole score is entered, handicap dots, the gross score for each nine, the total gross and net score, and over-under par score are displayed. Leader score boards automatically update as the completed score for each round is entered. Player statistics are tabulated and displayed for each tournament round and for each hole. Viewer: For large organizations, players can download jMajorsViewer from the Microsoft App Store for displaying leader boards, cup points, player contact information, and individual statistics. Requires the manager of the jMajorsIV app to email the groups data files to the user. See jMajorsViewer for more information and download instructions. Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be sent to: jbhSolutionsLM@gmail.com Product of jbhSolutions - Lake Monticello, VA

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