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Jogging Tracker is an automatic stopwatch that users use to track their running. Track, measure, and improve your fitness. To track your fitness activities, including distance, time, speed, and calories. Record all your runs, analyze your performance. This apps is compatible for windows 8 and windows 8.1. It will automatically track your running using Location and stop exactly when you pass the selected distance. It is much more easy to use than other sports tracker apps. You can now store and analyze your training sessions on your device. We created the Jogging Tracker for the competitive persons who want to track their progress while running and as the app is Great you should know that it is still in its initial state so we came with even more great features in future! Jogging Tracker will show the following data on the display, which makes it the best tracker for your runs: 1. Time. 2. Path. 3. Distance between start and end point. 4. Current speed 5. Trace of the route 6. Calories WHAT YOU GET FREE OF CHARGE: TRACK YOUR FITNESS ● Track almost any distance-based sport including duration, speed, distance, calories and more ● Get audio feedback for every mile/km ● Enter indoor workouts manually ANALYZE PERFORMANCE ● Keep a full training diary ● View daily training volume ● Analyze performance like split times for each workout CHALLENGE YOURSELF ● Set a workout goal and let our audio coach help you reach it If you have some cool ideas about Jogging Tracker you can write them here as a comments. We will read all of them and try to implement the best and most useful of them.

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