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Magic Empire: Dreamland is a game of war tactics on a magical land of fantasy, where you can build up your own kingdom and recruit heroes and armies(archer, spearman, cavalry, mage, wolf rider, battle angel......) of all species including but not limited to Human, the Elf, the Orc, the Undead, the Dwarf, the Centaur and even the Undead Dragon! You are going to compete with Kings from all over the world! Contact Us: Fackbook: Game Features: ==International Server War== Kings from all over the world will be settled on a same land and compete for limited resources. You can enlarge your territory, enhance your power, recruit army, and even take lands from other Kings! Be Ally or Enemy? All at your choice! ==Heroes and Armies== One Hero can lead all kinds of armies. You have hundreds of heroes and tens of armies for choice! You need to think of both how to pair a hero with an appropriate army and how to choose heroes to make your armies stronger! ==Magical Land of Fantasy== Delicate design of maps, buildings, heroes, armies, all together uncover a magical world of fantasy for you. Enjoy your kingdom on this land of beauty! ==Map Adventure And Exploration== Abundant map events of all kinds including Boss event for whole server to compete. You will never get bored while exploring and conquering this world!

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1,Non-mandatory guidance during new novices, strengthening early fluency 2,Modify the speed of the second-level map, speed up the pre-game rhythm 3,Adjust the difficulty of 2, 3, 4 defenders to ensure the player's early experience 4,Add continuous recharge activities 5,Adjust the number of countries that can be born to 3, which is conducive to gathering players 6,Increase the novice period, the offensive confirmation interface, to prevent players from mishandling attacking high-level land, causing losses


  • High-definition gameplay: multiple people fight online at the same time, free pvp, pve
  • Rich and varied strategies: a variety of heroes and skills allow players to freely choose to experience
  • Beautiful game screen: sandbox map re-deconstructs the western magic continent
  • Balanced difficulty design: easy to get started but easy to understand, test your strategic skills in the battle
  • Relaxation experience: use limited resources to compete for expansion, unify the country

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Tornado Technology Co Ltd

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