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Are you ever stuck when thinking of what to eat? Struggling to figure out what to cook, again and again? MealScheduler aims to help you with that. It allows you to catalogue your own dishes and keep track of when you cooked them. The app will then automatically surface dishes you haven't prepared in a while. MealScheduler is not another cookbook application, instead it allows you to keep track of your recipes and your all time favorites. By noting when you cook each dish the application can recommend dishes you haven't had in a while when you find yourself out of ideas. This, in combination with search by name and by tag, allows you to quickly settle on your next mission! Please note that MealScheduler really shines when you have entered many recipes. MealScheduler also allows you to sync your recipe book across all your devices and back it up to the cloud. No ads! To cover Azure costs syncing with cloud is only available with an in-app purchase.

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David Božjak

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David Božjak

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