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Mermaids have always been mysterious characters we have heard about in fantasy stories. However, a girl can never deny that a mermaid looks impressively stunning. Therefore, girls have a fascination with mermaid makeup. Mermaid makeup fashion salon allows you to dress up your very own mermaid. With three different steps, get your mermaid ready and share the results with your friends. Compare whose mermaid looks prettier. The Spa Section. Treat your mermaid to a luxurious spa session before you do her makeup routine. Use colorful shampoos at the spa to wash her hair. Apply skin treatments to freshen her up. The Makeup Section. Now that your mermaid is all freshened up, it is time to treat her to a makeup routine. Choose from all the cosmetic essentials you love. You will find various beautiful shades of lipsticks and eyeshades that will make your mermaid look stunning and pretty. The Dress up Section. The final aspect of the mermaid makeover is a beautiful dress. In the mermaid makeup fashion salon, you will get access stunning outfits. Match your favorite outfit with the makeup you have applied to your mermaid. Complete the final look with a wide variety of dresses available for your mermaid. Finishing Touches. Mermaid makeover fashion salon allows you to become a stylist and add as much character to the look of your mermaid as you want. Match amazing jewelry with the outfits that stunningly sparkles and shines underwater, choose from a huge variety of hairstyles sand other decorative items to make your mermaid look the prettiest one underwater. Props. To have fun with your all dolled up mermaid, add amazing props to the backgrounds. Take screenshots to save the stunning effort you did to make your mermaid look so pretty. Additional Information. The application is free to download and play. It is compatible with all types of devices. The visuals are high quality so you can enjoy the essence of the game. You can make in app purchases to add your favorite content to the variety of essentials. Don’t forget to update to keep up with new essentials added.

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Unit M Limited

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2017, Unit M.

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Unit M Limited

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138,79 Mo

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