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Ideal for those who want to drink the right amount of water during the day, without forgetting about it, with continuity, without stress, and... a tiny bit of cuteness!!! Description Through a fresh and sparkling interface, the cute Mascot (a drop of water), will suggest you the amount of water you should drink in any moment to reach effortlessly the daily suggested quota. The Mascot will rejoice with you when you drink and will fill with water the more you drink. Conversely, it will become sad if you didn't drink enough. Differently from many similar applications, Remember to Drink calculates accurately the amount of liquids needed by your organism, keeping into account the liquids in the foods you ate as well. Moreover, the app takes into account your peculiar physical conditions, calibrating the amount of water as a result: for instance, your weight, gender, breastfeeding, childbearing, sport activity and ambient temperature. Features • In the Home screen appear the amount of water to drink in a specific moment and there's a daily recap about the reach of the suggested quota. • Drinks can easily and quickly added by tapping the + button. • Sound notifications throughout the day will remind you to drink the quantity of water to reach gradually and effortlessly your daily suggested quota. Sound notifications can be deactivated or customized by the user. • A graph shows the trend through the picture of a customizable recipient. • Four languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Russian Do you have any notes or suggestions? We'd be glad to hear them! Don't write your feedbacks within reviews, for we can't reply to those; however, you can easily get in touch at

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