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Soumis le2018-01-18

Revoir le titre de D15" Surface Book 2 w/ 6GB GPU = POWERHOUSE

This tech is AMAZING. I'm a video editor, digital media content creator and design pro who's been using Macs for over a decade since OSX. But Microsoft has blown the latest Macbook Pro away with Surface Book 2. I have the 15" i7 with the 6GB discrete GPU and all I can say is wow, performance smash hit. Basically this machine is a lot LIKE a MacBook, but better, imagine that. I never thought I'd go PC again. Well done, Microsoft!

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Soumis le2017-12-30

Revoir le titre de samiraSurface Book 2 - 512GB / Intel Core i7

I usually don't write reviews, but couldn't avoid it this time. Totally worth the money. I just love it.

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Soumis le2018-06-09

Revoir le titre de armanElectrical Eng. student 1 month review

Surface Book 2 13.3inch i5 8gb 1 month review: Pros: Amazing display, Silent, Good performance, Amazing battery life, Nice keyboard and cameras, decent brightness and touchscreen Cons: BUGS...., unable to use any virtual machines, tried Hyper-V for some reason it didn't work full screen when asked Microsoft they said i should use Hyper-V for windows not Linux & Virtual box always lagged. , Never goes to sleep display remains ON instead of going to sleep after few mins , Video buffering issues (while streaming Netflix (in app or in edge) video pauses for few secs(2-3) and SB2 doesn't responds to anything, same issue occasionally on YouTube) Other: if you watch lots of movies or stream netflix this display is not for you, it has 3:2 screen ratio which means you are stuck with huge annoying black bars while watching anything , Also purchased Surface Pen don't think ever gonna use it so don't buy it with the SB2, wait for few days and decide if you need it or not.

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Soumis le2017-12-20

Revoir le titre de MattWorth the splurge for the i7 - just a pleasure to use!

I splurged and traded in my Surface Book for the 2 with i7 with 16GB RAM. They undersold me at the store about how good this machine compared to my old one. I use it for typical business use and I can't tell you what a pleasure this machine is to use. I never have to wait for my computer any more...I love working on this machine.

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Soumis le2018-06-25

Revoir le titre de MimiPerfect for a student

I got the most basic Surface Book 2. This laptop is robust, light, and convenient, all while being gorgeous. The battery life allows me to leave my charger at home (less weight for my weak back!). The detachable screen is perfect for studying as it saves room on a small study table. The processing speed is amazing even when several tabs are open. It would be awesome if the keyboard could function when detached from the screen though. Just a fantasy.

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Soumis le2018-05-19

Revoir le titre de MaggieAlmost everything you want in a laptop

Delivery was super quick, computer did everything a mac could do and more. However, not impressed with the "17 hour" battery life. Didn't even last me a day. In this area, a mac excelled.

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Soumis le2018-12-09

Revoir le titre de BillThe Portable Surface Studio ®

If your looking for superior quality, performance, security and support, this is the future. For business or home & professional use I would select the i7 16GB 1TB drive with discrete GPU 2GB Graphics or the 15 inch display with dGPU 6GB. Add in the Pen, Dial, Mouse a VR head set, and Office whatever flavor you need. 😀 Get the new Xbox One X for the kids in all of us 😎, and a 4K TV or monitor for home or office. You will see 👀 that this is your best investment for the future.

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Soumis le2018-02-03

Revoir le titre de RichardOverheats... turns off: 15" Surface Book 2 (1TB)

I enjoyed my 15" SB2 at first. Excellent build quality and display is beautiful. Battery life is amazing, and the keyboard is a dream to type on with excellent stiffness (no flex) and key travel. Critical issue is that when using the Samsung Odyssey HMD, the SB2 begins to overheat and throttle, causing stuttering and then it turns off (thermometer icon on screen) and won't turn on until it cools down. Oculus Rift doesn't work, as the SB2 doesn't have an HDMI out, and relies on a USB-C to HDMI dongle. Rendered 1060 gfx have to pass through the integrated gfx chip before being passed out the USB-C port via Display Port Alt protocol. This makes the HMD unidentifiable by the VR software. I was able to get my HTC Vive working with the official MS USB-C to HDMI adapter but with lag. XBOX play anywhere games stutter when the gfx card throttles and fans kick in. Great laptop for office apps, but 1060 gfx are a waste due to overheating. Suggest real gaming machine, as specs are misleading.

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Soumis le2018-01-23

Revoir le titre de MitchAbsolutely amazing machine!

I received my Surface Book 2 today, half a month before Canadian launch date! I'm an IT professional, and this machine is absolutely amazing. Yes, it was a lot of money, but it was worth every penny! After only a few hours of using this, I strongly recommend it. I've used it in both tablet and laptop mode without any complaints, only good things to say about it.

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Soumis le2018-05-23

Revoir le titre de EnriqueBuy a refurbished computer

If you want to buy a surface book 2 you HAVE to know there is a risk of failure. I bought my computer in January 2018, it failed by May 2018. And this is of utmost IMPORTANCE: if your computer crashes Microsoft is NOT going to provide you with a new computer, no matter what the issue is. Microsoft is going to replace your NEW computer with a REFURBISHED device. They did this with me, they will do it to you. Apparently we agree on this when we buy the new device (I was not informed). Microsoft says that there is a small probability that you will receive a "brand new device," but you do not have to be a genius to figure out what is going to happen.

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