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Video Speed+ (Slow Motion & Fast Forward) helps you to easily edit your videos of any type, wherever they are stored, and add to them a Slow Motion or a Fast Forward speed either to a segment of your choise or to the whole video. The app. supports 4 different speeds: Two for Slow Motion and two for fast forward. Despite other Slow-Motion apps that exist in the Store that create a slow motion video without the sound, the Video Speed+ creates a new video with your preferred speed, that contains both the video and the audio part of the initial video! The app. supports editing of almost every known video format or codec that exists (.mp4, .mkv, .ogg, .webm, .flv, etc). For every editing it produces a new video with the same codec and format as the initial one. Finally, it worth to say that the app supports 4 different templates/options when creating a new video: 1. 1. Create a new video and apply your preferred speed to the whole or to a scene of your choice from the video 2. Create a new video that repeats a scene of your choice twice. First with the normal initial speed (1x) and after that, the same scene with the new speed (Slow Motion Replay). 3. Apply the new speed to a part of your choice and leave the rest of the video intact (Finally you get a slow motion part) 4. Apply the new speed to a part of your choice and add this part after the initial part and leave the rest of the video intact (Finally you get a Slow-motion Replay of a specific scene in your video, just like some Sports Highlights Videos) All the above are done through some very simple steps, within some minutes. You are able to share immediately the new converted video with other users and apps with the “Share..” option (Email, YouTube, etc..). The app is completely free without any extra charges! If you like it please make a good rating. If you want extra features, just send us a mail! Enjoy! The app is currently available only for Windows 10 Desktop (x64 or x86).

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