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Weight Calculator: an application that helps you calculate the weight of different profiles according to the latest EN, IS, GOST, DIN standards (metric measurement). You can choose the type of the profile, give the length and choose the material/density of it and pile them up into a list. The following profiles can be used: - plate - round bar - tube - I, IPE, IPB, L, U rolled - L, U, C, J bended - flat bar, hexagonal bar Materials: - steel - cast iron - aluminium - bronze - zinc - etc. If you liked this app, please also get Weight Calculator 4Pay - it is the paid version of this program. Please buy this if you would like to support our small team so we can create and develop useful apps like this. v1.1: Minor but important changes v1.05: Minor bugfix to prevent crashes caused by no incorrect datas in textboxes. v1.04: Minor bugfix to prevent crashes caused by multiple dots in textboxes. v1.2: Removing all ads, minor bugfix. v1.21: Minor bug related to densities has been fixed thanks to user feedback. v1.22: Minor bug fixed v1.24: Steel handler density (8000kg/m3) added v1.3: IS standards added: JB, LB, MB, WB, SC, HB, JC, LC, MC, MCP, A eq, A uneq v1.7: - standards added: GOST, DIN, EN, IS (tube, hollow sections, etc.) (user request) - new icons to ensure clarity - some standards reworked - lots of memory improvements - there will be no more popup messages related to feedback (user request) - possibility to send data via email (user request) - possibility to directly contact EZK Solutions' support (user request) v1.71: Further memory improvements, minor bug fixed v1.72: Data sent via email will now show total weight, more clear support emails v1.75: - new IS standards introduced (due to popular demand) - IS 1732 - Round bar, square bar - IS 1173 - T-bars - IS 811 - Bended profiles (L equal/unequal, Channel square/rectangular, Lipped channel square/rectangular, Hat section square/rectangular, Z) - IS 1252 - Bulb angle - new GOST standards introduced - GOST 8639 - Hollow section - Square - GOST 8645 - Hollow section - Rectangular - bugfixes - IS 1161 and IS 3601 wrong data fixed - UNP 200 wrong data fixed - Minor memory improvements

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