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Warning: App may cause motion sickness. Take your race car through the Neon Pulse Jaguar Alley if you think you know enough about biochemistry to fuel your car. Wait? You don’t. Easy, just travel with Steve to the Wisconsin Cheese Factory and learn how HUGE blocks of cheese are created through biochemistry. And Wendy the Science Teacher...well, you’ve never seen her like this as she teaches about laughing gas. When you put on the headset, you enter our virtual chemistry lab. You can spend time playing with test tubes, watching animations or exit through one of two doors and head out on a field trip or with Wendy the Science Teacher (by the way, Wendy was national runner-up teacher of the year on ABC Television, so she knows her stuff). When was the last time you sat down and read a virtual reality comic book? Never? Well, two of the pioneers in biochemistry, Pasteur and Roux, have an amazing story of discovery that is told through the pages of a virtual comic book (by the way, when you’re in the comic book room, be sure to adjust the radio to the station you want to listen to). Did you know the sun throws off massive solar flares that come screaming at earth? It’s true. Enter our liquid surround display to immerse yourself in a room of sun flares, chemistry, animations and so much more. If there is a more immersive way to learn, we can’t imagine what it would be.

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