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Ultimate screen recorder software for making video tutorials, product demos and sharing your gaming experience. Screenbits allows you to easily record anything on the screen and save it into high quality compressed video files. It can also record system sound, microphone and camera. You can add camera overlay and protect your content by adding logo or a copyright notice. If you are making video tutorials or product demos, click effects and mouse pointer highlighting make your videos more helpful and bring more value to them. Screenbits provides multiple capture modes which allow you to record camera or audio individually to use the software as a camera recorder or sound recorder. Preview feature shows you how the output is going to look like before and even during recording. If you use camera overlay or other overlay options, you can easily choose the perfect layout since you can see the preview of the output while adjusting the options. Screenbits works great for making high quality, high frame-rate videos which is a must-have for recording games. You'll get up to 60 fps, 4K (2160p) quality videos on a decent gaming computer. Screenbits is lightweight and very easy to use thanks to its simple and clean user interface. It uses little system resources so you perform the main task while recording the screen without experiencing lags on your system. Specifications: Video Recording • MP4 file format • High quality (HD) recording up to 4K* • High performance • Up to 120* frames per second recording • Adjustable output resolution and scaling • Adjustable quality and frame rate • Compressed (H.264) output Audio Recording • Ability to record input audio (microphone, headset, etc.) • Ability to recording system sound (speakers, headphones, etc.) • MP4A file format • High quality audio (AAC) • Adjustable audio format (bit-rate, sample-rate and channels) Screen Capture • Ability to capture full-screen, window and rectangular area • Ability to include or exclude mouse pointer • Pointer highlighting and click effects • Multi-display support Camera Overlay • Adjustable format, size and position • Chroma key effect • Outline Device Capture • Ability to record camera or other video capture devices individually • Adjustable format Audio Capture • Ability to capture and record audio individually into audio files Watermark • Watermark image (logo) • Watermark text (custom font, color, outline and position) Other Features • File manager • Preview • Global hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) • Game recording • Auto stop (by size and duration) • Push-to-talk • Integrated into notification area • Delayed recording with countdown sound • File name template • Ability to run on Windows startup * Recording performance depends on your hardware. Recent release notes: Version 7.2.1 - July 2021 • Ability to use push-to-talk mode for input audio • User interface improvements Version 7.1.1 - July 2021 • Minor user interface improvements Version 7.0.1 - July 2021 • New "Device" capture mode to record camera individually • New "Audio" capture mode to record audio individually • Ability to turn on/off audio capture during recording • Improved application icons • User interface improvements Version 6.13.1 - April 2021 • Ability to choose capture format for camera overlay • Internal improvements Version 6.12.1 - April 2021 • Ability to import, export and reset application settings • Ability to cancel recording during the countdown time • Sound notifications for pause and resume Version 6.11.1 - April 2021 • Ability to flip camera image horizontally • Internal improvements Version 6.10.1 - March 2021 • Recording now automatically pauses when system goes to sleep • Internal improvements Version 6.9.1 - March 2021 • Ability to view size, resolution, frame rate and larger thumbnail of output files • An option to hide the app icon from taskbar when the app is minimized • App app now stays in taskbar when minimized unless the related option is off • App icon stays in the notification area even if the app window is visible • Cleaner thumbnail icons for output files • Thickness of the outline border increased for camera overlay • User interface improvements • Internal improvements

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