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Play through the Knight campaign as you battle against the tribal Lizardmen or enjoy the groundbreaking PvP combat system that will deliver fast-paced real-time strategy action or tactical turn-based gameplay. Multiplayer allows the host to select a game mode before each match, while single-player focuses entirely on real-time strategic gameplay. The objective of each battle is to destroy the opponent’s keep. To reach an enemy’s keep, players must launch what is essentially the seed of a new structure, which will sprout into a new building upon landing and erect a wall connecting the new tower to the building that launched it. Each structure boasts its own capabilities, such as constructing other specific buildings, or spawning particular units. Players can decide to either quickly attack an opponent’s base, adopt a more defensive strategy by fortifying their own headquarters or maintain a balance of offense and defence. Strategies are influenced by which of the two sides in the conflict players select. Both factions will be familiar to fans of the Siegecraft franchise: the defence-heavy knights, and the offense-focused Lizardmen, each with their own set of buildings and units.

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Features: - Updated the graphics for aiming your shots. You will now see the min / max strength of each tower, as well as the percentage of power you are adding to the shot. Additionally, in single-player you can enable a trajectory showing you where your shot will land (this can be toggled in the options) - Online Turn-Based games will now move the camera around faster and block input for less time between turns, giving you more time to take your shot. Additionally, the camera will now focus on a better target building when it becomes your turn. - Made Ballista shots of projectiles more visible - Added multiple health-bar display modes (toggle with 'Y') - Added ability to disable camera tracking shots from options - Sped up load time to get into levels Bug Fixes: - Fixing issue causing a crash in the tutorial Other: - Added all voice-overs for campaign levels


  • Xbox Live
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer

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