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Star Wars The Old Republic Guide by GuideWorlds.com now Windows Store! This is not a game. Just Guide. Category: ---Game Guide ***Hints Control tips Character and companions development Traveling and death Combat Items Missions Codex ---Bounty Hunter & Imperial Agent ***Places Hutta (01) Jiguuna (02) Evocii Swamp (03) The Bog (04) The Eastern Grime (05) The River Lands (06) The Rustyards (07) Eastern Rustyards (08) Fa'athra's Palace (09) Drainage Isle (10) The Old Muckworks ---Bounty Hunter Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L03) Gauntlet (L04) The Last Flight (L02) Tools of the Trade (L06) Big Chief (L07) Settling Accounts (L08) House Cleaning (L09) My Sponsorship (LC) Better Days (L11) Escaping Hutta ---Imperial Agent Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L02) Claim Your New Identity (L04) Soiree (L02) Friends in Common (L06) Subverting Karrels Javis (L07) Economies of Scale (L09) Change of Plans (L10) The New Truth (L11) Nothing Is Ever Easy (L11) Leaving Hutta (LC) Part of the Team ---Hutta Legend (maps, text) (L01) Death Mark: Fa'athra Gang (L01) Gang Warfare (L02) Dreams of Korriban (L04) A Slight Lean (L05) Trophy Hunter (L05) Tech Jealousy (L07) To Boom or Not to Boom (L06) Subtle Sabotage (L07) Protection (L06) Spicecraft Down (L07) Keeping Secrets (L07) Industrial Raiders (L10) The Rancor Egg (L10) Return of the Warrior (L09) Unfinished Business (L05) [HEROIC +2] The Man With Steel Voice (L05) [HEROIC +2] Hostage Situation (L06) [HEROIC +2] Hostage Situation Cleanup (L07) [HEROIC +2] Factory Recall ---Datacrons Galactic History 01 (+2 Aim) Galactic History 02 (+2 Presence) Galactic History 03 (Matrix Shard) ---Sith Warrior & Sith Inquisitor ***Places Korriban (01) Valley of the Dark Lords (02) Sith Academy (03) Lower Wilds Outskirts (04) Wilds Laboratory (05) Lower Wilds (06) Trooper Encampment (07) Tomb of Marka Ragnos (08) Sacred Ruins (Tomb of Naga Sadow) (09) Departure Shuttle ---Sith Warrior Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L03) Arm Yourself (L04) Learning From the Best (L04) Judge and Executioner (L06) Slaying the Beast (L07) A New Master (L08) Sith Arithmetic (L11) The Final Trial (L11) Leaving Korriban (LC) Welcome Vette ---Sith Inquisitor Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L03) Of Mind and Matter (L03) A Fighting Chance (L04) The Plight of Acolyte (L05) A Little Knowledge (L07) The Secret of Tulak Hord (L08) Martial Law (L11) A Map for the Future (L11) Go to Dromund Kass (LC) Welcome Dashade ---Korriban Legend (maps, text) (L01) K'lor'slug Infestation (L03) Imperial Edict (L05) Allegiance (L06) Experimental Needs (L06) Dark Science (L07) Lost Supplies (L07) Purity (L08) Jailbreak (L08) Rogues (L08) The Blood Legacy (L10) Grave Robbing (L09) Creeping Hunger (L08) [HEROIC 2] Armed and Dangerous (L08) [HEROIC 2+] The Hate Machine ---Datacrons Galactic History 15 (+2 Endurance) Galactic History 16 (+2 Willpower) Galactic History 17 (Matrix Shard) ---Jedi Knight & Jedi Consular ***Places Tython (01) Master's Retreat (02) The Gnarls (03) Tythos River Delta (04) Jedi Temple (05) Kalikori Village (06) The Matriarch's Summit (07) The Hollows (08) Elarian Trail (09) Lower Kaleth (10) Upper Kaleth (11) Tythos Ridge (12) Tythos River Valley (13) The Forge ---Jedi Knight Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L01) Attack of the Flesh Raiders (L02) The Arm That Holds the Saber (L05) High-tech Savages (L06) Enemy Force (L06) The Face of the Enemy (L07) Dark Temptations (L09) Weapon of the Jedi (L10) Seeking Darkness (LC) Welcome T7 ---Jedi Consular Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L01) The Path of a Jedi (L02) Wisdom of Elders (L04) Pilgrims (L04) Trails in Kaleth (L06) Hunter's Eye (L06) The Footsteps of the Fallen (L07) Rajivari's Legacy (L08) The Forge (LC) Balance (L09) An Afflicted Master ---Tython Legend (maps, text) (L02) Early Lessons (L01) Captured Padawans (L02) Combat Leadership: Mark I (L04) The Thousand Steps (L04) Lost Pilgrim (L04) Strength of the Flesh Raiders (L04) Combat Leadership: Mark II (L04) Lovers and Secrets (L04) Hero Worship (L05) The Last Defenders (L05) Flesh Eating Baby (L05) Combat Leadership: Mark III (L06) New Recruit (L06) Flesh Raider Fact-finding (L06) Pilgrim Medicine (L06) Combat Leadership: Mark IV (L07) Commune With the Light (L08) Combat Leadership: Mark V (L07) Horranth Control (L07) [HEROIC 2+] The Chamber of Speech ---Datacrons Galactic History 09 (+2 Endurance) Galactic History 10 (+2 Willpower) Galactic History 11 (Matrix Shard) ---Trooper & Smuggler ***Places Ord Mantell (01) Drelliad Village (02) Fort Garnik (03) Talloran Village (04) Northern Talloran (05) Mannett Shore (06) Mannett Point (07) Avilatan Badlands (08) Lava Flow Overlook (09) Oradam Peninsula (10) Savrip Shore (11) Savrip Island (12) Mount Avilatan ---Trooper Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L02) Hit the Ground Running (L03) Best of the Best (L05) The Spy (L05) The Ambush (L07) Mannett Point (L06) Oradam Village (L10) The Separatists' Stronghold (LC) Airing Grievances (L10) New Assignment ---Smuggler Legend (maps, text) Shortcuts (main and side missions) (L02) Landing Party (L04) Desperate Times (L04) Legitimate Business (L05) Hungry for Information (L07) Security Breach (L06) Deadly Delivery (L11) Hitting Where it Hurts (L11) Chasing Skavak (LC) A Sky Full of Stars ---Ord Mantell Legend (maps, text) (L02) Clearing the Air (L03) Snipe Hunt (L05) Mercy (L05) Unsafe Safe Houses (L05) Scavenger Hunt (L06) Victims of War (L06) Lost Son (L05) Bridging the Gap (L04) The Untold Story (L07) Generator Problems (L07) Republic Roulette (L07) Republic Roulette: Questionable Ethics (L07) Hail the Liberators (L09) Witness Protection (L09) Securing the Landing Zone (L09) Alliance Of Evil (L05) [HEROIC 2+] Cutting Off the Head (L07) [HEROIC 2+] Buying Loyalty (L07) [HEROIC 2+] Destroy the Beacons ---Datacrons Galactic History 12 (+2 Aim) Galactic History 13 (+2 Presence) Galactic History 14 (Matrix Shard)

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