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FREE THE NIGHT is a magical interactive journey that invites you to extinguish lights and return the stars back into the night sky.

The liberation begins in the canyons at night, shadowed hills frame an iconic city view. Nighttime lights litter the scene, radiating an amber glow that bleeds up into the night sky. We are massive giants, gently but firmly, ridding the unnatural light to unveil our glorious starscape. We are able to pull up street lamps as if they are wildflowers and persuade lights out of buildings with a gesture of our hands. Each diminished light emits gorgeous embers that are a cross between fireflies and fireworks. These embers are quite playful and they swarm around us before returning to where they once lived as stars. As the lights are turned off, and the sky is slowly taken back, we are gifted to a truly magnificent interactive display - the heavens are free!

FREE THE NIGHT utilizes 6DOF and requires Microsoft’s VR Motion Controllers (preferably two). Inside the experience you will see that your controllers are represented by human hands. The hands have an intuitive display that aids in discovering interactive points in the environment. There are two main ways to play and interact; The trigger button (index finger) allows you to release the stars and call them back to you to play and your hand displaces the flock as you move through them.

We encourage you to explore and play!

VeeR VR for Windows

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VeeR is a VR content app, providing tens of thousands authentic and immersive 360 videos, VR photos and interactive experience. On VeeR, you can not only watching the videos and photos but also get the interactive experience from VR content. Such an experience is not paralleled by any other VR platform.

VeeR VR 2.0 Key Features
Explore selected original content: VeeR has tons of high-quality VR videos and photos from thousands of global VR content creators.
Experience Smooth Ultra-HD: VeeR brings you the best VR experience with low-latency and ultra-HD resolution.
Interact with top VR content creators: Like and follow your favorite VR content creators to get the latest updates while watching. VeeR brings you the real immersive experience without redirecting to another page.

Share your VR content cross platforms: VeeR enables you to quickly sync your VR content on web (veervr.tv), mobile app (veer) and all VR platforms, including HTC Vive, Gear VR, Oculus Rift. You can watch the VR content on different VR platforms after you uploading it from mobile or web.

Enjoy your time in the VeeR Land.

Welcome to VeeR VR Facebook group “VR Headset Owner Community”. In there, you can join fun campaigns to win wonderful gifts, mingle with other VR enthusiasts, and directly communicate with VeeR staff if you have any suggestions or questions!

Any thoughts or feedback? Feel free to be in touch via the following channels:
Facebook: @letsveer
Twitter: @letsveer

VirZOOM Arcade

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Say goodbye to your boring workout: VirZOOM Arcade is an ever-expanding collection of virtual reality exercise games powered by YOU. Hop on an exercise bike in the real world to control your speed in Windows Mixed Reality. Attach a VZ Sensor to your own exercise bike, or get the VZ Bike Controller with built-in buttons, triggers, and resistance settings, available from VirZOOM.com and from local and online retailers. With a diverse collection of exercise games to choose from, whatever your tastes, VirZOOM Arcade provides VR that moves you.

"A surprisingly effective way to make exercise feel like anything but."
- Engadget

"I never want to get off this bike."
- The Today Show

"Whoa! Oh my god!"
- The View


• Pedal faster to move faster in the game. Turn your head to aim your tank's cannon, lean to weave between cyclists, bend to dive and swoop on a Pegasus, and press with perfect timing to lasso bandits on horseback!

• Get into the game with specially-designed motion-control technology that makes you feel like you're really moving and dramatically cuts down on VR sickness

• Play alone or with friends with drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer, or pass your headset to a friend and take turns in person with Hotseat mode

• Experience a range of game types for the whole family, from head-to-head tank and mech battles to gently paddling around with ducks on a pond

• Set up custom and timed workout routines with your favorite VirZOOM Arcade games

• Track workout times, calories burned, leaderboard standing, challenge invitations, and more at my.virzoom.com

• Sync with Strava and Fitbit to make it easy to see all your workout data at once

• Requires Windows Mixed Reality headset

Play VR. Get Fit.™

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Layout

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Layout permet aux entreprises de passer du concept à la réalité en toute confiance. Importez des modèles 3D pour afficher des représentations de pièces sous la forme d'hologrammes dans le monde réel ou en réalité mixte.* Partagez votre vision avec différents acteurs** et modifiez aisément des représentations dans le monde réel afin de pouvoir prendre de meilleures décisions avant de créer.

Une fois le téléchargement effectué, les utilisateurs auront accès à Layout gratuitement pendant 90 jours. Après la période d'essai de 90 jours, une licence Dynamics 365 Layout payante est obligatoire.

Remarque importante : un casque immersif Microsoft HoloLens ou Windows Mixed Reality est nécessaire pour utiliser Layout. Pour plus d'informations sur les conditions d'achat de Layout, contactez un conseiller Microsoft au 0800-910563 ou visitez le site http://aka.ms/GetLayout

*Pour l'essai gratuit de 90 jours de Dynamics 365 Layout, un casque Microsoft HoloLens ou Windows Mixed Reality, des contrôleurs de mouvement et un PC Windows Mixed Reality Ultra sont obligatoires. Aucune licence Dynamics 365 supplémentaire n'est requise. Pour importer des modèles 3D, les utilisateurs doivent télécharger Microsoft Dynamics 365 Import Tool (version préliminaire) (inclus dans la version d'évaluation et sous licence de Dynamics 365 Layout) à partir du Microsoft Store sur leur PC. Pour importer des plans d'étage Visio, les utilisateurs doivent avoir une licence Microsoft Visio distincte. Le matériel et les logiciels supplémentaires requis varient selon les fonctionnalités et le contenu disponibles. Consultez le site docs.microsoft.com pour obtenir la liste complète des contraintes techniques.

** Pour partager leur expérience Layout, les utilisateurs doivent disposer d'une application de partage d'écran ou d'appels vidéo distincte, comme Dynamics 365 Remote Assist sur HoloLens, ou Microsoft Teams sur un PC Windows Mixed Reality Ultra.

NextVR - Live Sports and Entertainment in Virtual Reality

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Experience the world's greatest sports, music & entertainment events in virtual reality.

NextVR provides profound immersion to put you right there in the action for NBA games, WWE, boxing, ICC soccer, concerts and stand-up comedy with all the energy and excitement of the venue. You can even explore haunted locations with Paranormal Evidence investigations, plus other award winning NextVR Originals.

Get courtside for live NBA League Pass games for the 2018-19 season, plus access replays, highlights and more on-demand.

Get in the ring for WWE and boxing matches.

Get on the pitch for soccer match replays & highlights.

Be on stage for Live Nation concerts and Gotham Comedy stand-up.

Find upcoming LIVE events and new experiences at NextVR.com/schedule, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Live game broadcasts in NextVR allow you to choose your favorite vantage point, or let NextVR control the action with the producer’s feed. Events also feature dedicated commentators and real-time integrated graphics.

NextVR is delivering the most immersive sports, music and entertainment experiences in virtual reality by providing access to events that fans may never see in person. Through world-class partnerships with industry leaders including the NBA, WWE, FOX Sports, Live Nation, International Champions Cup and Gotham Comedy, along with a growing selection of new original programming, NextVR provides fans around the world the opportunity to experience events with the highest fidelity in virtual reality.

How can we help?

Contact us through Twitter @NextVRHelp or email help@nextvr.com

About NextVR:
NextVR is the world’s leading virtual reality platform for delivering live sports, music and entertainment in virtual reality to fans globally. For more information, visit NextVR.com.

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