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Description Welcome to the world of Snakes & Ladders!! Race to the top of the board by riding on your luck! Test your luck against friends and family. If you find no one else, test your luck against android!! Trivia: Snakes and Ladders, known as Moksha Patam, originated in ancient India as part of a family of dice board games and made its way to England and was known as "Snakes and Ladders", then the basic concept was introduced in the United States as Chutes and Ladders. The game was popular in ancient India and emphasized the role of fate or karma. Rules: Each player starts in an imaginary space below square marked as '1' and takes turn to roll single die and move their corresponding game piece by the number rolled on the die. Game pieces follow a fixed route which is marked by a plough track from the bottom to the top of the game board. If on completion of steps marked by number rolled on die the player lands on lower numbered end of a ladder, the player moves to the higher end of the ladder. Similarly, if the player lands on higher numbered end of snake, he must move to the lower end of the snake. The player that reaches to the last square of the board first is the winner! We provide you following options to change rules to allow you greater control: * Start game only when 6 is rolled - This adds a bit of challenge as you (and android in case of single player) need to roll 6 before you can move your game piece. * Land exactly on 100 to win - If you are up to a bigger challenge, set this option for greater thrill. If this rule is enabled, then you (and android in case of single player) need to land exactly on 100 in order to win. If you roll die such that you go beyond hundred, then your game piece will not move. You can still get another turn if you rolled six, even though your piece will not move. * End game when any one player wins - When playing in 3 or 4 players mode, enabling this option will ensure that the game ends as soon as any one player wins. It shortens the game, but you'll miss out on fun of finding out who came second or third!!

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