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If you dream of writing a book even a bestselling book, you’re in the right place! This is a structured simple and clear program that will guide you through the writing process. We brake down the process you anyone will have the opportunity to write a book, and will show you how to make sure it is a good book and good writing. Here you’ll learn 10 simple lessons to write a book plus an additional 10 bonus tips, guide of how to find a publisher for your book, how to stat motivated when you write a book and more. The lesson of this “how to write a book?” program: 📚 Phase 1 of writing a book - Getting started Decide what the book is about - Great book writing is constantly referring to something. Write the conflict of your book in a sentence Set a daily word count goal - A page a day is just about 300 words. You do not need to write a whole lot. Set a time to work on your book writing every day- Uniformity makes creativity and imagination a whole lot easier. Set the same place every time when you write a book 📚 Phase 2 of writing a book: Doing the work Set a total word count Give yourself weekly deadlines Get early feedback - Nothing hurts even worse than writing a publication and after that needing to have to rewrite it, since you didn't allow no one have a look at it. 📚 Phase 3 of writing a book: Finishing Exactly how do you know when you're done? Short answer: you don't. Not really. So below is what you do to end this book-writing procedure well Commit to shipping - Finish the book at all costs. Set a deadline or have actually one being set for you Embrace failure - As you approach the completion of this task, understand that this will be difficult as well as you will certainly most definitely mess up Write another book - The majority of authors are embarrassed by their very first book. But without that initial book, you will certainly never learn the lessons you might or else miss out on them. 📚 The reason most people never finish their books Every year, millions of books go unfinished. Books that could have helped people, brought beauty or wisdom into the world. But they never came to be. And in one way or another, the reason is always the same: the author quit. We will show you how you can avoid it and finish the book writing. 📚 10 book writing tips When you write a book you need sometimes help staying motivated, we have 10 tips to help you keep going in the process. 📚 How to Get Your Book Published OK you finished to write a book, you are an author! now, If you want to get your book published, you have more choices than ever to accomplish your goal, and the path can be confusing if you’re new to the publishing industry. This lesson lays out the process in the simplest terms possible. There are three primary paths to getting published: Land a traditional publisher who will offer you a book contract. Hire a service to help you publish your book. Self-publish by the author 📚 Finding the traditional publisher In a traditional publishing arrangement, the publisher pays you for the right to publish your work. Traditional publishers assume all costs and pay you an advance and royalties. You must persuade them to accept your work by delivering an effective pitch or manuscript. 📚 Prepare your submission materials for the publisher company Ready to make a dream come true? Download now!

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