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MetroSpec is a fully featured 16K/48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows Phone. Relive the 80's & early 90's by playing the classics, on the 8-bit micro that, kick started the home computer boom. The ZX Spectrum was an 8-bit computer released in 1982, as the successor to the ZX81. Based around a Zilog Z80 CPU, 48Kb of RAM, 16Kb ROM, beeper sound, rubber keyboard, and tape loading, the ZX Spectrum was a true classic, and now you can relive the experience, bring back your old memories, or beat that final boss you found so hard before. The ZX Spectrum had over 25,000 titles released in it's lifetime, and there is still an active homebrew community even now. What's new in V1.6.1982.0: Full TZX Support, fast tape loading, quick save, hardware keyboard support, anti-aliasing, enable joystick in Spectrum Basic, tape and snapshot jumplists, reworked settings, bug fixes. Features: ZX Spectrum 16K/48K emulation; sound emulation; built-in games; import via Skydrive or web; supports .Z80 & .SNA snapshots; .TAP & .TZX tape formats; fast tape loading; compressed games; save states; export save state to skydrive; per game control definition; stats; last game quick launch; pin games; favourites; save screenshots; multiple game lists; code in Spectrum BASIC; virtual Spectrum keyboard (sorry no rubber keys); Kempston joystick; variable speed for those hard to beat games, pokes, WoS search Supported file types are; snapshots, which load instantly, or tape based games, which can be fast loaded in seconds rather than minutes. Fast loading can be disabled, to enjoy the loading of Spectrum games at their original speed (complete with loading noise for the authentic feel) ;-) I'm unable to reply to reviews, so if you have any issues at all running MetroSpec on your device, please email MetroSpec.Support@StarquakeMobile.com

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