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Airyware Tuner is a professional chromatic strobe tuner. • 15 – 8000 Hz • 400+ instruments • 0 latency • FREE TRIAL is fully functional, check it out! Most user reviews say that Airyware Tuner is the best guitar tuner, however this app is not only for tuning guitars. It can help tune more than 400 instruments of string, woodwind, brass, and some percussion types. It works equally well at stage, home, and street. It is beloved by bass guitar players and contrabassists. It is used by professional piano tuners and luthiers. Try it for yourself! Play an arbitrary note on your musical instrument and Airyware Tuner shows you how perfect it is. With instant reaction, scientific precision, waveform inspector, denoiser, true strobe view – this tuner is a choice of musicians who care about the best sound. ―― Airyware Tuner feature list: ―― • 9 octave tuning range: 15 – 8000 Hz • up to 0.1 cent accuracy • true strobe tuning mode • linear needle meter • ambient noise reduction • A4 calibration: 300 – 600 Hz • calibration to live sound • waveform inspector (oscilloscope) • high-contrast display • sharp/flat/3b2# notations • scale transposition: ± 12 semitones • tone generator, pitch pipe: C2 – B4 • internal/external microphone support • 400+ instruments, 900+ alt. tunings • customizable temperaments • customizable sweeteners • customizable stretched tunings • custom Railsback curve definition • string inharmonicity awareness • tempered note audition: C0 – B7 • favorite list of tunings • feature request gateway Give it a try! Tune your musical instrument to its perfection and it will please you back!

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