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This is an excellent book that gives you a feel of your own Cookery Book. Don't refer multiple sources for your recipe collections any more, consolidate all your recipes in this one book and search freely and instantly access any recipe of your OWN collection in seconds. Add recipes with picture, categorize, tag it, rate it, add keywords, and more. Don't stop there. Share your recipes with your friends & relatives. Give your good collection of recipes (part or selected and even full) to your dear ones any number of times and with updates. The Import and Export feature makes it easy to share freely across anybody. The book created for "Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju's exquisite collection of healthy recipes - Tastes that don't compromise health ( రోగాలు రాని రుచులు)" is included as a complementary virtual book. If you are health conscious, want to live longer, healthy and active, these recipes are just for you. All of these recipes teach you to cook with no salt, no sugar, no oil and no masala. Please do not forget to refer to our healthy "Cooking Tips" included in this complementary book. "Dr. Manthena Satyanaryana Raju" with his simple life and dedication, is preaching good life style & diet as a way of naturopathy. His book "Rogalu Rani Ruchulu" (The tastes that do not compromise health) are included in this Cookery Book. Virtual Books The Cookery Book with huge collection, is convenient to flip through if you can logically break it into multiple virtual books. Example: My Favourites, Spicy Recipes, Dr. Raju's collection, 5-Starred Recipes" and so on. This is exactly what we did. Wherever you are in search results, save the results as a new Virtual Book. This is the saved query. Planning Section The powerful recipe planner allows you to add exactly those recipes you would like cook on these special days. Cooking Tips Add your own cooking tips collected from different sources including internet, TV, friends, & relatives. Did You Know This is an our attempt to publish interesting articles from Dr. Manthena Satyanaryana Raju. One must read, even if one feels that they are difficult to follow. If followed, this will change the way you live hence-forth. Multiple Devices: Using the Windows 8 Sky Drive Sync, you can sync your local recipes folder to the Sky Drive cloud on multiple devices. This allows you to access your cookery book up to date on all your devices. Windows 8.1 onwards, you will even have an option to save cookery book directly on the Sky Drive. Share Recipes: You can share your recipes with anybody. Share the entire Virtual Book, Recipe results or even a single recipe. Simply export the recipe(s) to a folder on your computer. Now zip and email this folder contents to anybody and let them unzip to their computer folder. Please ask them to Import from this folder within their Cookery Book. That's it. This never overwrites the recipes on their computer even if the recipe name is same. Multiple imports can only overwrite the recipes from the same source. Please feel free to contact the developer for any suggestions to improve the app or to report any bugs.

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