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ourBaby is a baby monitor and baby daily organizer in one. ourBaby is a simple way to track your baby’s eating, sleeping, diaper-related information, milestones, immunization, etc. The ourBaby application will help you monitor and control your external FOSCAM MJPEG IP Camera. The application is designed to interface to an external FOSCAM MJPEG IP Camera, that should be available on your local WiFi network or remotely on the internet. The user has to specify the IP Address, Password & User Name and the Camera Model through the Settings Charm. The myCamera will monitor Sound and Motion Alarms signals from the camera. The camera can be operated on the local WiFi network or remotely over the Internet. Make sure to follow these steps: 1. Find / Set the Local IP Address and Port number of the camera in your WiFi network 2. Find / Set the User Name, Password f the camera 3. If interested in remote viewing, Find / Set the DDNS Domain Name of the camera (on the bottom of the camera body) 4. Identify the Camera Model. 5. Start the myCamera application and activate the Settings Charm (<WINKEY> + I) 6. In the Settings Charm, select the Camera Settings 7. Set the IP address and the Camera and Port number 8. Set the DDNS Domain Name 9. Set the Set the User Name, Password 10. Check / Uncheck the Local / Remote Operation 11. Set the Model of the Camera 12. Press the Save button 13. Restart the myCamera application. 14. The setup is complete and the Camera Page should display the camera video 15. If the camera video is not displayed, try to Reboot the Camera 16. The camera should be ready in about 70 seconds 17. Wait for the camera to complete reboot and then start the myCamera application When switching the camera from one mode to another, I found out that a camera reboot might be required, and the application has to be restarted, i.e. follow steps 13-15 above. Sound/Motion Alarm: Alarm is marked with a RED border around the video image. A test camera was set for you to test your setting. In Camera Setting Page please follow these steps: 1. Set Remote DDNS Domain to: ah7898 2. Uncheck the Remote 3. Set User Name to: TEST 4. Leave Password empty ourBaby allows you to track: - The time and amount of feeding (minutes for breast milk and which side, and/or amount of formula/pumped breast milk) - The time your baby goes to sleep and stay awakes - The time of the last diaper change and its content (wet, solid, or both) …and you may take notes related to any of the above. ourBaby also allows to record: - Appointments - Immunizations - Measurements (weight and length) - Medications - Breast milk pumping - Diary entries - Milestones The app allows you to add your own pictures to any of the recorded events. The application display your baby's development (Weight, Length, Head) and display the CDC developmental graphs. The application implements the Snap View so parents can continue work and get a summarizing display of the application timers. If you have a problem connecting with the camera, please contact us: ytdassoc@gmail.com All data you enter using this application is kept locally only, on your device!

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