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Want to better learn how to relax and find some stress relief? Stress Management and Relaxation contains two guided relaxation techniques to guide you through the process of becoming more fully relaxed as well as useful tips for reducing stress. Some people find these techniques helpful for getting to sleep at night. As a clinical psychologist and app developer, I wanted to combine the two skills to write an app that may be of benefit to many. The world is a stressful place, and one component of coping with that stress is learning how to more fully relax. I have included two relaxation strategies that I frequently use with my psychotherapy clients. Two relaxation techniques are included along with a peaceful and relaxing background music. 1. Relax and Breathe - Walks you through relaxing all the muscles in your body combined with a deep breathing exercise. (7 minutes and 40 seconds). 2. Relax and Visualize - This technique is a mildly self-hypnotic procedure that includes relaxing your muscles, mind, and visualizing a peaceful scene. This is often a favorite (15 minutes). I include two techniques, because some people find they can more effectively utilize one technique over the other. Also, having one with a shorter play time helps when you need to relax, but are under time pressure. Enjoy, and I hope this brings you a little peace in a hectic world. Note: These techniques are not intended to treat any emotional or physical condition.

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