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Race through the ultimate street racing scene at dizzying speed with the tap of your finger! Have fun winning the racing car collection of your dreams. Pick an event, choose a lineup of cars from your collection, and start racing for infamy in the first Forza game for mobile. COLLECT AND UPGRADE ICONIC CARS Race to collect legendary cars at intense speed – from classic muscle to modern sports and retro supercars – turning your garage into a trophy case of iconic racing cars, with all the fun, attention to graphics detail, and speed Forza is known for. TRUE CINEMATIC RACING Streamlined controls focus on the fun - timing your gas, brake, and boost are the keys to victory, as action cams chase the racing adrenaline up close showcasing amazing graphics. The stunning, best in class, 3D visuals bring the action to life while you’re speeding across the asphalt. It’s a fun, new, and wholly unique way to enjoy Forza. RACE ON YOUR TERMS Race your collection of cars anytime, anywhere. Squeeze in a fun, quick one-minute race, or dive into immersive story driven events with multiple paths to victory in the cars you love. New controls let you easily race with the tap of a finger to control your gas, brake, and boost. Forza Street has something fun for you any time you feel like racing at high speed and boosting across the finish line to victory. Additional Game Features Burn rubber on the road while you speed through streets to collect and upgrade iconic cars. Pit your collection against the world and compete in 1v1 point to point races to climb the ranks and top the leaderboards. Additional in-game events will always keep the action fresh and fun! Collect, Customize, Compete with and Upgrade more than 50 real cars from top international car brands. Supercars from Lamborghini and McLaren. American Muscle cars from Chevrolet and Dodge. Sports cars from BMW and Porsche. And Street cars from Nissan and Ford. Build out your garage with cars from each category to take on the different Story mode bosses.

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Forza Street Final Update This update is the last one for Forza Street. The game will remain playable until Spring 2022. After its closure, the game and its features will no longer be accessible. In-App Purchase Store Closure The In-App Purchase Store is now closed. Real-money transactions can no longer be made. 12 Weeks of Spotlight++ Starting January 17, 2022, 12 weeks of Spotlight++ will give you a chance to add Rare and Epic cars to your collection including the new and Epic 2013 Lamborghini Veneno. The first 6 weeks will also feature a special narrative, instead of the regular car introduction. Energy The Energy recharge rate has been increased along with the Energy storage capacity. The amount of Energy recharged for using a Small Energy Pack has also been increased. Car Shows The wait times for the Car Shows have been reduced by half. Discount Prices The prices of the vast majority of In-Game Store items have been reduced. Remaining currency can be used in the In-Game Store as you please on these discounted prices, until the game's closure in Spring. At that point, any remaining currency will be lost. For more information on the closure, consult our FAQ:


  • Expanding Roster of Cars: From the best performance icons from street and showroom, collect cars from a list that’s constantly growing.
  • Street Showdowns: Quick, point to point races puts focus on you and your opponent as you speed through twisting neon streets.
  • Upgrade Your Rides: Maximize the power of your lineup to take on more challenging and more lucrative events.
  • An Endless Story: With weekly new content, be ready to take on fresh events, stories, and challenges with each update.
  • Multiple Paths to Victory: Big risk equals big rewards. Take on faster opponents for more prizes or play it safe and secure the win.
  • Built for Speed: Built to support gorgeous graphics on a wide range of devices makes this anyone’s race.

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Microsoft Studios


Microsoft Studios

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Electric Square, a Keywords Studio

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