Application Storage

Using Application Storage

What is Application Storage?

Silverlight-based applications use application storage for a variety of purposes. They can store small data files (such as custom settings), and large files for applications that have graphically intensive features (such as games, maps, and images). Silverlight-based applications can also use application storage for saving user-generated content.

How to Determine Whether to Approve Storage Increase

When a Web site you are visiting needs additional storage space, the site will prompt for your approval to use more space on your computer. The prompt will include the amount of storage space the application is requesting and the amount it is currently using.

prompt to increase application storage space

If you trust the Web site you are visiting, you should approve the request to experience the full functionality of the Silverlight-based application. If you approve the increase, that Web site's quota will increase. This enables Silverlight-based applications hosted on that Web site to use more application storage space on your computer. The quota size request for some Web sites may be unlimited. A Web site’s quota is first set at 1 megabyte. An application that is taken out of the browser has its quota set to 25 megabyte.

If you are running low on disk space, you can configure application storage to remove any storage you are no longer using.

How to Configure Application Storage

To configure application storage, right-click the Silverlight-based application and click Silverlight. Click the Application Storage tab to see which Web sites are currently using application storage. The following screenshot shows an example of the Application Storage tab.

application storage configuration dialog tab

You can perform the following actions in the Application Storage tab:

  • If you are no longer running Silverlight-based applications from one of the Web sites, select the site in the list and click Delete to remove that Web site's data from your computer. Click Delete all to remove the stored data of all the Web sites in the list.
  • Clear the Enable application storage check box only if you are sure that you want to disable application storage for all Silverlight-based applications.