Microsoft Silverlight Updater

The Updates tab of the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration dialog box enables you to specify when to check for, download, and install Silverlight updates.

Why are some settings unavailable?

Certain computer configurations can disable features of the Silverlight auto-updater. The following sections describe the configurations in which the specified options are not available.

  • "Install updates automatically" option not available
    If you are using Windows Vista and User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, then Silverlight will require your permission to download and install updates. Silverlight asks for your permission to update by showing you a prompt when updates are found. Because a prompt is required, updates cannot be installed automatically, so the Install updates automatically option is disabled. You can still receive updates by selecting the Check for updates, but let me choose whether to download and install them option or by using Microsoft Update to update Silverlight and other Microsoft products.
  • "Install updates automatically" and "Check for updates" options not available
    The Microsoft Silverlight auto-update feature depends on several Microsoft Windows components being up to date. If these components are outdated then you will not be able to select either of the auto-update options. You can enable automatic updates by visiting Microsoft Update and installing any critical updates which you are missing.

    If you have installed all critical updates and these options are still not enabled, then you will need to uninstall Silverlight and then install the latest version from the Silverlight Web site. This will enable the installer to properly configure the Silverlight updater to use the updated components.
  • All update options not available
    A computer administrator can configure the Silverlight auto-updater for all users. This configuration will disable the Updates tab of the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration dialog box to prevent individual users from ignoring the administrator’s setting. See the Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide to learn more about how to set the auto-update configuration for all users.

Turning off automatic updates

The Microsoft Silverlight auto-update feature helps make sure that your computer is up-to-date. Disabling the auto-update feature will prevent Microsoft from providing you with the latest Silverlight functionality and security features. If you decide not to use the auto-update feature, you must download the latest Silverlight updates by enrolling in Microsoft Update or periodically visiting the Silverlight Web site.