It's your gig, work the way you want.

Working without boundaries

Need to discuss a draft contract? Temporarily send over just the right paragraphs to your customer without leaving anything behind.

Need vendor help filling in order details? Summon your Outlook email and related Salesforce orders, hide the price, and beam the sanitized info live to their phone for editing.

In a team huddle? Share a product photo with the person on your left, the photo plus a marketing deck with your colleague on the right, or pool all the information together on a 3rd person's device.


Circle, Cross, Share

Just summon the documents, photos, calendar, email, and line of business information you need.

Circle what you want to share, cross out what you don’t.

Control whether people only see your live info or co-work with them in real time. It’s that simple.

Work, the way you want

GigJam removes the artificial boundaries between apps, businesses and devices. Now your phone can be a communal device, with each person free to summon, divvy up and share just what they want, for only as long as they need.

"Each person in our co-selling chain needs to see different parts of our predictive analytics. Now even in the same meeting GigJam lets me decide who sees what."

- Vijay Kasireddy, CEO, Fiind

Works with the device you own.

GigJam is built to be awesome on mobile. GigJam is now available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.