3 city-clusters that are shaping the future

11 June 2014 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
What can we learn from a diamond, a triangle, and a diagonal? That the key to geometric growth and urban sustainability might be right next door.

Panama: A cultural shift in service

16 December 2013 | Ángel L. Pérez, Vice President, Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.
Learn how a 3-1-1 solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM revolutionized the way the government of Panama connects with its citizens.

It’s cyber security month. Is your backdoor locked?

14 October 2013 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Cyber security is part technology and part personal initiative. Here are three actions you can take right now to make your agency cyber-secure.

Citizen services in Barcelona: now it’s personal

09 October 2013 | Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Global Industry Director for Public Sector for Microsoft Business Solutions
Barcelona is working to become one of the world’s leading smart cities. To get there, they’re building personal relationships between the city, its citizens, and their devices.

Greetings from Ecuador

02 October 2013 | Kathryn Willson, Director, Cities Solutions, Microsoft Corporation
Once a city on the brink, beautiful Quito is riding a wave of urban renewal as host of this year’s Meeting of Digital Cities.

Open Data, open arms: Welcome to the era of transparent government

09 September 2013 | Parul Bhandari, Government Lead, Open Data and Big Data
The Open Data movement is unstoppable. Here are 4 things that successful government agencies are doing to make it work.

How São Paulo transportation is leading the way

04 December 2012 | Lorenzo Madrid, Managing Director, Traffic & Public Transportation
In one of the world’s largest and most bustling cities, learn how a transportation system has evolved to meet the 21st century needs of citizens through the eyes of a native, and with technology, has become 30 percent more efficient.

Want to deliver IT projects faster? Here’s how the Secretary of Economy of Mexico did it

30 August 2012 | Carlos Allende, Public Sector Director, Microsoft México
Find out how the Secretary of Economy delivers IT projects faster.

Unlocking the potential of Latin America and the Caribbean’s youth

15 March 2012 | Frank McCosker, Managing Director, Multilateral and Bilateral Organisations, Public Sector
Find out how Microsoft is working with the IDB to develop projects that facilitate ICT access and support education and employability for youth in this region.

Empowering people with disabilities – a look at Latin America

05 December 2011 | Hernán Rincón, President, Microsoft Latin America
In observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, find out how Microsoft is actively working in the Latin America region to help people with disabilities realize their full potential.

Reflections from the 2011 LATAM CIO Forum

23 November 2011 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
I recently spoke about high performance government at the LATAM CIO Forum. Find out how I characterize top-performing governments.