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Forward Together

Reimagine Tomorrow

For every organization right now, this is an unprecedented time!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on how we live and work. Much has changed, and many things may never be the same. But one constant is the power of technology to help people and organizations adapt, reinvent and transform. Technology will be a key ally in re-booting enterprise.

Businesses of all sizes and entire industries will need to adjust to disruption and change, and the coming months will be pivotal for many. 

The Microsoft Reimagine Tomorrow is a virtual summit dedicated to thinking big about the critical role technology will play to help us navigate through these unprecedented times.

During the summit, Microsoft and industry leaders will share timely and relevant examples of how customers are using technology to respond and recover from recent challenges to move forward with game-changing solutions to pressing business, government and industry needs. Day one will provide thought leadership and insights for different organizational functions, while day two will focus on industry-based insights.

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CMO Track

Learn more about revenue marketing in the new world, how to create clarity and opportunity in a time of uncertainty and how to make marketing more human with AI.

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CISO Track

Learn the rising importance of operational resilience in the security community.

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CFO Track

Reimagine finance and learn about how COVID-19 has shaped tomorrow.

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CIO Track

It is a new day in IT. Reimagine and modernize your technology platform and accelerate digital transformation.

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Retail Track

Hear from industry experts on the role technology & AI will play to drive responsible innovation, empower business leaders to build business resiliency and enable intelligent customer experiences.

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Financial Services Industry Track

As countries move towards reopening from quarantines, financial services organizations will be assessing core areas to plan for the new normal. Explore the opportunity to transition core systems to the cloud to save on cost and create a modern platform.

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Government Track

Face the future confidently: learn how governments are looking to accelerate digital and technology transformation to become more resilient and take advantage of the new reality.

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Media & Entertainment Track

Learn how to modernize the media & entertainment industry & create strategies to maintain business continuity.

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