Halo: The Master Chief Collection
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For the first time, the series that changed console gaming forever comes to PC with six blockbuster games in one epic experience. This bundle includes all titles in the collection that will be delivered over time, beginning now with Halo: Reach and ending with Halo 4 in 2020. Game Features: • PC Settings/Optimization: Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now optimized for PC with mouse and keyboard support, native PC features, up to 4K UHD and at least 60 FPS*. Many games in the collection will include other setting options like ultrawide support, uncapped frame rate, adaptive sync support, FOV customization and more. • Campaign: Featuring Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST Campaign, and Halo 4, The Master Chief Collection offers players their own exciting journey through the epic saga. Starting with the incredible bravery of Noble Six in Halo: Reach and ending with the rise of a new enemy in Halo 4, the games will release in order of the fictional story. When complete, the Master Chief’s saga will total 67 campaign missions. • Multiplayer: Each game released into The Master Chief Collection brings its own multiplayer maps, modes and game types. When finished, the collection will have the most diverse and expansive Halo multiplayer experience to date, with more than 120 multiplayer maps. • Halo Insider Program: The Halo Insider Program is the best way for Halo fans and community members to partner with 343 Industries to improve our games, products, and services. Halo Insiders may have opportunities to participate in public flights of in-progress Halo releases and provide feedback to the development team. Become a Halo Insider and join us on the journey to bring the rest of the Master Chief Collection to PC in the upcoming year. Embark on your Halo adventure today in the legendary Halo 2: Anniversary, the game that changed online multiplayer forever. Following the Covenant’s defeat on Halo in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, experience the pivotal battle in the Human-Covenant war to defend Earth, where the Master Chief finds an unlikely ally on a new Halo ringworld and fights to prevent the destruction of humankind. Enjoy legendary multiplayer with 7 remastered multiplayer maps from Halo 2: Anniversary and 25 multiplayer maps from the original Halo 2, as well as the ability to toggle between the remastered graphics in the Anniversary edition and the graphics from the original Halo 2 campaign. For the latest intel on The Master Chief Collection and all things Halo, visit halowaypoint.com *Look to system requirements for guidance on hardware minimum specs to achieve performance metrics

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