Microsoft, TracFone, Health Choice Network unveil new Mobile Health Management Approach

First look into HCN’s upcoming pilot project involving Microsoft and TracFone’s smartphone-enabled solution
21 August 2014 | Steve Aylward , Microsoft, General Manager, Solutions & Strategy, U.S. Health & Life Sciences

How HealthVault helps people like me take control of my health

Here are four ways that taking control of your health information is helping you take control of your health.
21 January 2014 | Raj Thiagarajan , Director, Strategy and Business Development, HealthVault International

Is healthcare following the example of the automotive industry?

Cars have definitely come a long way. Many vehicles that we own today have simple dashboards to view temperature, tire pressure, fuel level, and other features.
20 January 2014 | Hemang Patel , Senior Bus Dev Manager, US Health and Life Sciences

Goodbye, XP: It’s not you; it’s just that things have changed

It’s been a great run, XP. But it’s time for us to move on to more flexible and secure ways for health professionals to work.
16 January 2014 | Neil Jordan , General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft

Devices and Services for Health & Life Sciences: A Look at Our Sales Force Enablement Strategy

The Essential Ingredients of a Mobile Sales Force Strategy
16 December 2013 | Andrea McGonigle , Managing Director, Life Sciences, MSFT group

Mobile, one-touch access to patient information from multiple EMRs

Clinicians can access a unified view of relevant patient information while on the move with the VitalHub Chart mobile app.
13 December 2013 | Peter Jones , Industry Market Development Manager - Canada

Harnessing Big Data to Improve Individualized Care

While health analytics has been touted as a way to increase efficiency and cut costs, one important benefit should not be overlooked: improving patient care.
12 November 2013 | Dr. Tatiana Znamenskaya , Health and Social Services Operation Manager and Market Analyst for Microsoft in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Three megatrends that will propel modernization forward

As HHS organizations continue to strive toward the triple aim, these three technology trends will help them get there.
02 October 2013 | Kevin Dolan , Industry Marketing Development Director, Microsoft Public Sector and Human Services, United States

BYOD done right

In BYOD, not all devices are created equal. Learn which devices have the critical characteristics that satisfy both doctors and IT.
05 September 2013 | Gareth Hall , Windows 8 lead, Microsoft Worldwide Health

Transforming Patient Care with Mobile Technology

For medical professionals, the move to digitize medical records is a big step forward. But by itself, it’s hardly enough. Doctors need to have easy access to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)...
27 August 2013 | Flavio Calonge , Health and Social Services Industry Director for Microsoft Latin America and the Caribbean

It’s time to graduate from “My First Tablet”

If you can’t bring information to the point where care is delivered, whether that’s in the home, at the hospital bedside, or in the clinic, then all the money spent on digital health...
02 August 2013 | Neil Jordan , General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft

Big-bang disruption: Is it possible in the health industry?

There continues to be a lot in the news about disruptive technologies. Many of you may be familiar with Clayton Christensen’s book on the theory of disruptive innovation, “The Innovators Dilemma,” published in 1997.
11 July 2013 | Paul Smolke , Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Health

Risks facing digital doctors

From tablets to telemedicine, technology offer doctors new ways of working. Learn the top 3 related risks—and how to handle them.
09 July 2013 | Gabe Rijpma , Sr. Director Health & Social Services, Asia
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