Health Apps for SharePoint, Part 3: If your health records are now electronic why aren’t your checklists and forms?

A tool for non-geeks to move checklists, surveys, and forms online
11 September 2014 | Dr. Dennis Schmuland , Chief health strategy officer, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft

Preventing readmissions through virtual care

Empower patients to manage their care to reduce readmissions and unnecessary ER visits.
12 August 2014 | Mark Blatt, MD , Worldwide Medical Director, Enterprise Solution Sales, Intel

Ten reasons health organizations need a strategy for the Internet of Things now

The Internet of Things is a game-changer for healthcare IT. Here are ten reasons health organizations need to create a strategy now.
05 August 2014 | Neil Jordan , General Manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft

Two ways that health organizations can better engage those they serve using HealthVault

Customers tell me that they’re looking for more ways to engage with those they serve. Here’s how HealthVault can help.
10 June 2014 | Raj Thiagarajan , Director, Strategy and Business Development, HealthVault International

Preventing readmissions and reducing LOS with predictive analytics

How today’s predictive analytics can help hospitals stay a step ahead of risk factors for patient readmissions and extended stays.
27 May 2014 | Sarah Muckler , Director of Health Marketing, Worldwide

What does natural language processing mean for healthcare?

What if you could give your knowledge workers access to data insight on demand? With NLP, that’s now possible.
08 May 2014 | Tom Lawry , Global Product Strategy, Health Analytics

How better, faster access to data can transform patient care

The real value of the Internet of Things: a new intelligent system at Henry Mayo hospital is improving care, and giving physicians secure, anywhere, anytime access to patient data.
25 April 2014 | Steven Bridgeland , Senior Product Marketing Manager - Health, Windows Embedded, Microsoft

Three examples of the wide range of clinical-grade tablets

A family doctor has different tablet requirements than an EMT does. But today both have plenty of clinical-grade options.
22 April 2014 | Gareth Hall , Windows 8 lead, Microsoft Worldwide Health

Demonstrating the best of both worlds—desktop and mobile capabilities

Here’s what I heard at HIMSS: clinicians want apps and services that give them the best of both mobile and desktop capabilities.
08 April 2014 | Gareth Hall , Windows 8 lead, Microsoft Worldwide Health

A chance meeting on an airplane leads to more smiles being healed

Guest blogger Dr. Magee shares how an ordinary moment has led to extraordinary potential for healing more smiles and dreaming big.
03 April 2014 | Dr. William P. Magee, Jr. , Co-Founder and CEO of Operation Smile

How do we shift from a sickness system to a health system?

Could the traditional health system + consumer health market = better health and more sustainable healthcare?
01 April 2014 | Dr. Simon Kos , Health Industry Manager for Microsoft Australia

How health professionals can communicate & collaborate better, faster

Need better ways for people to collaborate within and beyond your organization? UC&C technologies can help, according to IDC.
27 March 2014 | Sumit Virmani , Director, Health for Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector

If you haven’t already, it’s time to move to the new Windows

The sooner you transition to the new Windows, the sooner you can support the mobility and security needs of healthcare today.
20 March 2014 | Laura Ipsen , Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft

HIMSS14: Looking Back at a Successful Show in Orlando

Microsoft recaps its presence and news while at HIMSS14
06 March 2014 | Michael Robinson , Vice President, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft

Health authority gets fast, visual insight to improve compliance

How hospitals in Norway are furthering their safety and quality initiatives with real-time, actionable insight.
13 February 2014 | Michael Hopmere , Principal Program Manager, IS Ecosystem – Health

Generating value from a sea of data

See how health professionals are transforming data into actionable insight with Power BI for Office 365.
12 February 2014 | Tom Lawry , Global Product Strategy, Health Analytics

Keeping Kids and Adults Healthy via Vaccination Programs

In order to reduce the spread of polio and many other diseases, it’s essential that children adults are properly immunized, especially during times of disruption.
07 February 2014 | Andy Pitman , Microsoft Government Solutions

How HealthVault helps people like me take control of my health

Here are four ways that taking control of your health information is helping you take control of your health.
21 January 2014 | Raj Thiagarajan , Director, Strategy and Business Development, HealthVault International

Three Windows 8.1 customer favorites

As the mobility market continues to evolve, we learn from our customers which features best meet health professionals’ needs.
09 January 2014 | Gareth Hall , Windows 8 lead, Microsoft Worldwide Health

National EHR: Can the Cloud Play a Bigger Role?

Five ways the cloud can support national EHR initiatives.
07 January 2014 | Danny Yeo , Health Industry Lead - Asia

Relationship building in healthcare

Health organizations want to have a better connection with the people they serve. Easy-to-use CRM for healthcare can help.
19 December 2013 | Sumit Virmani , Director, Health for Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector

Data Privacy and Compliance in the Cloud Is Essential for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is in a major period of transformation and IT modernization. More than ever, healthcare providers and professionals are faced with the need to be more efficient, reduce costs and collaborate seamlessly...
18 December 2013 | Hemant Pathak , Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft

Devices and Services for Health & Life Sciences: A Look at Our Sales Force Enablement Strategy

The Essential Ingredients of a Mobile Sales Force Strategy
16 December 2013 | Andrea McGonigle , Managing Director, Life Sciences, MSFT group

Mobile, one-touch access to patient information from multiple EMRs

Clinicians can access a unified view of relevant patient information while on the move with the VitalHub Chart mobile app.
13 December 2013 | Peter Jones , Industry Market Development Manager - Canada

Virtual rehabilitation in Denmark

See how a virtual rehabilitation solution is helping Denmark care for its growing elderly population.
19 November 2013 | Sarah Muckler , Director of Health Marketing, Worldwide

People-first innovation helps hospital provide more efficient care

Hospital equips clinicians with a clinical desktop solution to help them work more efficiently and deliver better patient care.
15 November 2013 | Michelle September , Business Development Manager: Local & Regional Governments WW
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