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"CHENNAI AUTO TRAFFIC RACER" - #1 THREE WHEELER ENDLESS 3D RACING GAME. "Chennai Auto Traffic Racer" is one of the best endless arcade 3D racing games available. Try to reach the maximum Score/ Close Calls/ Distance and become the BEST 3-WHEELER DRIVER in the Global leaderboards as well as Friends leaderboard. CHENNAI AUTO TRAFFIC RACER VS OTHER TRAFFIC RACERS -This game is focused on "Auto Rickshaw" or "Tuk-Tuk" (3 Wheeler) which is one of the most commonly used local transport vehicles in India - An auto ride is itself a fun especially when the driver dodges the buses, lorries, trucks and cars with ease - This is game is spiced with some typical South Indian flavours imported from Chennai City KEY FEATURES - Best game play with well known user controls for easy handling - Realistic 3D graphics - Smooth handling - 3 Different Camera Views - Typical Top View, Rear View and Driver View - 1 Auto Rickshaw with customization - 2 different environments with 4 variations (Beach Highway Drive, Beach Highway - Night Drive, City Highway Drive and City Highway - Night Drive ) - 3 Game modes: Endless One-way, Endless Two-way & Time Trial - Catchy unique South Indian background music score that adds to the impressiveness - Online leaderboards & achievements HOW TO PLAY - Tilt or Touch to steer - Touch accelerator button to accelerate - Touch brake button to slow down - Touch horn button to honk - Touch Camera button to change the camera view TIPS - Drive fast to score fast - Get more close calls to earn more cash - Drive in convenient camera view (Top view, Rear view and Driver view) Chennai Auto Traffic Racer will be updated with more features soon. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game. FOLLOW US * http://facebook.com/creativemonkeygames


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- Added Decal Bonus - High Score for each mode - Back Button - Performance optimized

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