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A fast and beautiful app to read, watch and discuss tech news from multiple publishers in one delightful stream. KEY FEATURES: • Read what everyone else is raving about on social media or latest from your favorite news sources in consumer technology news, reviews, features, and exclusives. • Watch videos from selected sources without ever leaving the app in HD or SD quality, powered by YouTube. • Read comments posted on articles by fellow readers, powered by Facebook and Disqus. • Live tile updates with transparent tile support for showing popular news on your start screen. • Customizable to use dark or light theme, adjustable text size and style. App currently supports TechCrunch, The Next Web, The Verge, WinBeta and Windows Central news publishers. More details and options to connect and provide feedback are available on the about screen in the app. All content shown in the app is owned by the respective publishers and this app is just a reader.


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अपने Microsoft खाते में साइन इन करने के दौरान इस ऐप को प्राप्त करें और 10 Windows डिवाइसेस तक में स्थापित करें.

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