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Are you ready for some arcade fun? Cublast is an all new agility game for your phone! It’s FREE and it features tilt and touch controls in multiple challenging stages! Who are we? We are three students who share one childhood dream: to build our own games. Together we have set up our own indie game studio, and the Cublast adventure is our first big step towards making our dream reality. Feel free to submit your feedback, we really appreciate it, and it helps us improve our game. Have fun playing and blast some cubes! Cublast HD Recently we have been working on a new project called Cublast HD. It will be released on Steam, Xbox One and the Windows Store. If you love Cublast you will sure love Cublast HD! It’s like this Cublast but with a lot more new features such as, a level editor and a fast growing community! If you would like you can contact us through email, you can: contact@thinkfaststudio.com Or if you would like you can check out our other pages listed below. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThinkFastStudio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CublastGame/ IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/cublasthd/


लोगों की अन्‍य पसंद

इस संस्करण में नया क्या है & - Fixed high scores not working - Updated app to UWP - Improved UI performance - Added links to Xbox and Steam - Changed the menu button - Updated the play menu - Fixed user interface alignment - Added Trial - New gravity stage - Added color themes - Added high score badges - Other fixes 1.4.6 -Fixed a bug where the highscore list didn't update


  • 50 Challenging levels
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Online high scores
  • Customize your game with various themes

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ThinkFast Studio

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85.25 MB

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English (United States)

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