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This application is developed for BAIF DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH FOUNDATION, explicitly for their dairy and animal husbandry programme called ‘Godhan’ running across various states of India. For further details please visit http://www.baif.org.in. Primary objective of this application is to serve as a digital assistant to Para-veterinary professionals, specifically involved in cross-breeding of bovine (cattle and buffalo) animals via artificial insemination process, with an intention of developing high milking yield animals for rural households. In addition to this they aide the households in improving their animal management practices by organizing educational and demonstrational events and helping them form dairy interest groups for better marketing and distributions of milk products. Various features of the application cater to recording and scheduling of the above mentioned primary activities/tasks, and other activities supporting the primary activities, like enlisting of households and animals, billing, accounting and stock keeping etc. Apart from this the application has utility features, like back-up and restore and pre-configuration settings etc. Although the application is standalone software with its own intrinsic database, this application is part of a larger enterprise solution. All the data generated can be backed-up and restored from a service which is part of the enterprise solution software. (Please contact the developer for details.)


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