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Are you dreaming to have a closet full of clothes? Are you fancy for haute couture dresses on fashion show? Do you want to design a dress for yourself? Do you know how difficult to make a dress? Here are some steps you could follow: Step 1: Preparation: To take your measurements. Step 2: Cut the cloth: Cut the dress according to one's figure. Step 3: Stew: Stew the cloth with stewing machine. Step 4: Dress up: Wear your new dress with kinds of decorations. Join our game "My Little Tailor" and you can be a tailor to make whatever styles you like. You don’t have to covet beautiful clothes in shop window,because in the game, you can design your own style and even be a designer for superstars! This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion game & kids game!


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Dew Cottage

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Dew Cottage

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