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Space Invaders Deluxe Part II showcases the second part of the very best in arcade retro gaming that took the world by storm in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Featuring the intense action and hypnotic rhythm of the classic arcade space invaders shooter. This arcade quality presentation, remastered in full HD 1080p for 60 frames per second is the next best thing to having your very own retro home arcade, complete with dimmed lighting and the soft glow of a CRT display. Space Invaders Part II is the featured game meticulously represented in this expansive collection along with four unique Extra Game modes representing other styles of the genre; Moon Base, Space Wars, Alien Invasion Deluxe and Super Earth Invasion! Space Invaders Part II is the direct sequel to Space Invaders, whereby the player again controls a laser base that must destroy formations of descending aliens, while avoiding their projectiles but this time new features have been added, such as aliens that split into two when shot, a new type of flying saucer that drop off additional alien troops to the fray, the player able to save their name with their highscore, new points bonuses and even short cutscenes in-between stages. The Extra Game modes all give a new spin to the genre with different graphics, unique gameplay twists and new surprises keeping everything fresh, exciting and challenging so the fun never ends!


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V1.0.7.0 + Changed Invader hit sound to remove the baked in reverb. V1.0.6.0 R = Requested feature. + [R] Added new Reverb options. "None" is now the default value instead of "Room". -- This is due to many modern TVs already having a default reverb setting. + [R] Changed Easy and Medium difficulty modes to be much easier than previous versions. -- This allows novices to practice the game in a far less brutal manner. + Added new Graphics Options: -- [R] Added ability to change the game glow amount (including zero, none). -- [R] Added ability to change the default "cellophane" color overlay used (including pure white for a real old school look). -- [R] Added ability to change the scale of the screen bezel to enable more of the play area to be seen (or ALL play area). -- [R] Added ability to change the scale of the moon (including zero, no moon). -- [R] Added ability to change the brightness of the stars background (including zero, black). -- Added ability to change the brightness of the game screen for a more accurate peppers ghost representation. + Bug fixes and code enhancements. V1.0.5.0 + Added option for VSync 0 (no VSync) for G-Sync and Freesync compatability. - Updated tooling. - New Other Games to choose from. - Added DirectX12 API as default to allow Ray Tracing Compute Shaders to execute on XBox. - Deluxe e for Extra Game modes. - Min version upgraded: TARGET PLATFORM Min version: 10.0.14393.0


  • 🕹 Space Invaders Part II plus four extra game modes.
  • 🕹 Remastered in Full HD 1080p for 60 frames per second graphics.
  • 🕹 Four unique difficulty levels, including an original arcade mode.
  • 🕹 High scores are saved for each Game mode and difficulty level.
  • 🕹 Different Arcade cabinet bezel designs for the featured games.
  • 🕹 Presentation and quality options including Scanlines & Dot Matrix display styles.
  • 🕹 Color variations across the games to give an ultra authentic feel.
  • 🕹 Moon Base Game mode.
  • 🕹 Space Wars Game mode.
  • 🕹 Alien Invasion Deluxe Game mode.
  • 🕹 Super Earth Invasion Game mode.

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