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Speech Central is one of the best-selling text to speech apps with more than 10,000 licenses sold. The app was nominated for the best iOS assistive app and developer of the year in 2017 by AppleVis. The app won many awards from Microsoft (was in the official Best of 2014 collection). This text to speech application is a fully featured suite: -read aloud web articles -read aloud internet headlines and RSS feeds while you pick articles to be read interactively (with wireless keyboard with media buttons, headphones with media buttons, Bluetooth hands-free, Xbox remote control) - import documents, books and emails (Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx), PDF and many other text file and e-book formats (.epub, .fb2, DAISY))*. - export annotated text to the .docx file - create an MP3 file* - multi-language support with the auto language detection (any language that support text to speech on your device can be used) - OCR - camera to speech - background audio playing and buffering for the better quality of speech - sync with Pocket There are many unique features that can't be found in other applications (see the full list below). The text to speech interface was tested to be accessible by legally blind users. For people with visual impairments and related disabilities this can be a great assistive technology with many features built specifically for them (Bookshare service integration, DAISY text book, keyboard shortcuts, dyslexia friendly font). The free version has daily and monthly limitation in the number of articles that you can add to it which is removed by purchasing the Pro add-on. Get the best text to speech app and start enjoying it! Notes: - MP3 is supported only on the PC - DRM protected files are limited to their respective apps - 3rd party voices installed on the PC are not supported


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