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Get attention of your loved one’s with best of Status and Love Pics. Express your mood to your friends with all types of status quotes - Romantic pics, Love, wedding, anniversary pics. Set status with just one click, its too easy. ✦ Love Status : Share your Feelings with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend by updating a Lovely romantic pics for them. ✦ Funny Status : Laugh with your friends by sharing some Funny Status over Social Media and other platforms. ✦ Inspirational Status : Checkout the collection of motivational quotes, Inspirational quotes and Status and if some status inspires you, make it your status for the rest of the day & inspire others. ✦ Break Up Status : Broke Up with your lover? Feeling Heart Broken? Select a Break Up Status . ✦ Romantic Status : Share the best Romantic Status with your Lover & Spice up your love life. We have included status in Hindi language also. So feel free to express your emotions. App Features:- ✦ You can set Love pic as your DP ✦ You can share the status/DP. ✦ Share feature for direct status upload. ✦ Works offline and has status quotes for all occasions. ✦ Latest dp collection in over new categories. ✦ Copy feature to copy and paste the status. ✦ Share status via other applications. This is a one stop app that contains the latest status messages. This Application Provides User all New And Latest Status. User can share status and set status with this application. This application covers almost all import status message categories like: ✔ AGGRESIVE ✔ ANNIVERSARY ✔ ATTITUDE ✔ BIRTHDAY ✔ BORED ✔ BREAKUP ✔ CHILDHOOD ✔ COLD ✔ CONFIDENT ✔ CRUSH ✔ DAUGHTER ✔ DREAM ✔ FAMILY ✔ FATHER ✔ FRIENDSHIP ✔ FUNNY ✔ GIRLISH ✔ GOOD MORNING ✔ HAPPY ✔ HOPE ✔ HUMANITY ✔ LIFE ✔ LONINESS ✔ LOVE ✔ MISSING ✔ MOTHER ✔ MOTIVATIONAL ✔ NAGATIVE ✔ PET LOVE ✔ POSITIVE ✔ PRAYER ✔ REVENGE ✔ SACRIFICE ✔ SAD ✔ SCHOOL ✔ SONGS ✔ SORRY ✔ WEDDING More categories we will be adding on a regular basis. So keep updating the app. Email if we are missing any category and we will try to include it in the next update. Thank you for using Status Downloader.


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