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Social Network based on challenging yourself to try something new for Thirty days. Stop and think what you have done different in your life on the last 30 days and what you have planned to do for the next 30 days. Thirty is a social experience built from the ground up with one clear goal: keep you motivated to achieve new things. On a unique social way, Thirty will help you to create 30 days challenges (30’s) and track the entire process, on a daily basis, by: • Telling about your mood; • Telling if the day was done or not; • Taking a photo; • Recording a short video. Thirty will reward you with a shareable video containing all your short video clips together so you get the whole experience when the 30 Challenge is completed. You will know not only the result but also the process of getting to it. Help your friends - by following, commenting, posting videos and photos - to achieve theirs dreams! Start a competition with them and see who can get more dreams done and earn badges for it.


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2Minds Development

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