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Tiny Empire is a skill-based strategy game about shooting fantasy creatures with your cannon. Throughout its 125 handcrafted levels you’ll gradually go from blasting a few orcs with a bomb to hurling fiery meteors inside portals to take down crow-riding warriors upon hordes of grey dwarves while protecting your soldiers and saving hostages. Things get pretty hectic and challenging. Note: this is the premium version of the game, with absolutely no advertisements or in-app purchases. “The charming 16 bit pixel art visuals got me hooked from the very first moment.” “I was taken back to the days of the greatest 2D rpgs when I listened to Tiny’s epic soundtrack. What an amazing score!” “Blowing up orcs is so fun and satisfying that I caught myself playing the same level over and over just to explode it all and watch them fly again!” FEATURES: • A truly premium experience: no in-app purchases, no ads, no timers • 80 regular levels against 3 factions: the orcs, the dwarves and the elves • 45 hard levels that will take your precision and timing skills to the limit • 16-bit pixel art graphics and epic soundtrack, like in the good old days • Blast your enemies into pieces with extremely satisfying explosions For the tiny king! ----- facebook.com/mgaiastudio twitter.com/mgaiastudio


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Added support for mouse and touchscreen at the same time.

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Mother Gaia Studio Desenvolvimento de Games.

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Mother Gaia Studio Desenvolvimento de Games.

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Tiny Empire Premium वेबसाइट
Tiny Empire Premium सहायता

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