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Travel a lot around the world? Have family living in another country? Want to keep touch with friends without waking them up in the middle of night? World Clock helps you tracking time around the world easily with live tiles, and talk to people there when it's right time. Major features: - Track time for up to 5 cities for free around the world with pinned clock tiles - Find time for planning multi-locations meetings - Call family and friends at right time without leaving the app (support using calling card) About Live Tiles: - Analog Clock on live tiles have a special hour arm that points to a time range instead of a single time. This special clock arm tells you which 30 minutes time range that clock is in. - Digital Clock on live tiles show approximate time that is within in 15 minutes of the real time. - Why? Third party app is only allowed to update its tiles at most once every 30 minutes in background. Because of this limitation, World Clock can not always show accurate real time. Thank you for your understanding. Cannot find a city: We do not have all cities in the world in this app’s installation, instead we only install cities that are either the capital of a country or have a population of at least 100k. If you need to add a clock for a city but it is not large enough, please add a clock for a larger nearby city instead (which is usually in same timezone of your city), then rename the clock to the name of your city. Feedback: - Our support email is clockandcall@live.com - If you like this app, please rate and review it. That's a great way to tell us you like it - If you find a clock's time is not correct, send us an email - If you have any other feedback, send us an email


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